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Lord of the Rings Online Quests - N

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NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
A Nameless Fear54The Foundations of Stone
Ned in a Pickle10Michel Delving, Shire
Need Of A Cask6Celondim, Ered Luin
Needlehole Watch6Hobbiton-Bywater, Shire, The Ivy BushNeedleholeChubb's Helmet, Cooked Carrots
Neeker-Friend10Bree-Land, The Midgewater MarshesSniken's Fang, Roderick's Key
Neekers in the Marshes7Bree-Land, StaddleThe Midgewater Marshes
Nefi's New Setting8Ered Luin, Thorin's Gate
Never Far From Home15Bree-Land, Thornley's Work SiteCelondim, Ered Luin
A New Gear56Chamber of Wheels, The Waterworks
New Home for the Relics of Old45EvendimHaudh ValandilPure Essence of Athelas, Battered Arnorian Armour
A New Shine1Thorin's Gate, Thorin's HallVale of ThrainMace, Shiny Mace
New Trouble in the Old Forest14Bree-Land, BucklandOld Forest
Next of Kin56Redhorn Lodes, The Orc-WatchZelem-melek
Nightmares in the Abyss58Zelem-melek
Niphredil and Elanor60Lothlórien
No Arrow a Waste60Lothlórien, Echad Andestel, NimrodelMekhem-bizru, Nanduhirion
No Dwarf Left Behind54Silvertine Lodes, The Deep DescentRoarr's Shield, Tribute to Nykr
Noble Deeds17Annunlos, Lone Land, The Forsaken InnWeather Hills, Annunlos, Midgewater Pass, Weather Hills, WeathertopConstable's Feathered Hat, Constable's Javelin
Noisome Neighbours23Lone Land, Ost GuruthHaragmarHana's Gloves, Hana's Helmet, Hana's Helmet, Manadlos
Northern Threat45Echad Candelleth, Tal Bruinen, TrollshawsForochel, Kauppa-Kohta
Not In Hot Water47Forochel, Zigilgund4th Dwarf Channel, 7th Dwarf Channel, 10th Dwarf Channel
Not Just for Eating55Dar-Gazag, Ettenmoors
Notice of the First Marshal50Ettenmoors, Glan VraigKey of the First Marshal
Notice of the Second Marshal50Ettenmoors, Glan VraigKey of the Second Marshal
Now is Found7Duillond, Ered LuinThrasi's Lodge
Now to Eastfarthing10Adso's Camp, Bree-Fields, Bree-LandBuckland