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Lord of the Rings Online Quests - O

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NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
Oakheart's Flight37FornostOakheart's Defender, Oakheart's Thanks
Oakheart's Plight27Lone Land, AgamaurOakheart's Leggings, Oakheart's Shoulder Guards, Oakheart's Feather, Oakheart's Dagger
Oatmeal Problems27Annunlos, Lone Land, The Forsaken InnOatbarton, Shire
Oats for the Westfarthing27Evendim, OatbartonGreater Essence of Athelas, Greater Celebrant Salve
Odd Requests35Esteldin, North DownsMichel Delving, Shire
Of Great Aid47Forochel, Kissa-sariIta-ma, Ja-rannit, Leijona-kotinHunter's Rescuer, Hunter's Saviour, Hunter's Hero, Hunter's Savior
Of Leaf and Twig46Elrond's Library, Last Homely House, Rivendell
Of Mountains and Tempers50Echad Dunann, Eregion, Nan SirannonRedhorn Gate, Redhorn Showfall
Off To Staddle10Adso's Camp, Bree-Fields, Bree-LandStaddle, Old Forest, StaddleAdso's Axe
Off to the Channel56Chamber of Wheels, The Waterworks
Off with the Right Hand57The Flaming Deeps
Offensive Strike58Lone Land, Ost GuruthThe Foundations of Stone
An Offering of Peace18Lone Land, Ost GuruthNain EnidhFrideric's Shoes
An Offering of Peace, Part II19Lone Land, Ost GuruthTornstones
Oil for Boiling50Ettenmoors, Tol AscarnenGrothum
Oil for the Cauldron of Tirith Rhaw50Ettenmoors, Tirith RhawGrothum
Oil Up55Ettenmoors, Tirith Rhaw
Old Bauman's Farm8Bree-Land, Combe Lumber CampChetwoodLesser Essence of Athelas, Lesser Celebrant Salve, Pork Sausage, Cooked Carrots, Eggs and Onions, Sally's Chain
Old Bloodtusk5ArchetSprigley's FarmFine Longsword, Fine Two-Handed Sword, Fine Dagger, Fine Wooden Staff, Stick Shortbow
Old Bones12Ered Luin, Gondamon, Low Lands
Old Forest Investigation9Brandy Hall, Bree-LandBald HillCooked Carrots, Eggs and Onions, Fried Mushrooms
Old Forestry12Bree-Land, BucklandBamfurlong, ShireCyrymaib
Old Friendships45Bruinen Source North, Misty MountainsRivendell
Old Odo's Leaf Farm11Bamfurlong, Shire
Old Sally9Shire, TuckboroughTooklandLesser Essence of Athelas
Old Treasures42Gloin's Camp, Misty Mountains
An Old Trove35EvendimBarad Rath, Barad Tharsir, Tham Andalath, Tham Varan, Tyrn FornechSecrets of Beasts, Culang's Staff
On The Mend10Ered Luin, Low LandsPadded Shirt, Thrasi's Shirt
On the Road to Misfortune49Forochel, Kuru-leiri, Talvi-MuriSmall Trap
On to Gondamon9Ered Luin, Noglond, Vale of ThrainGondamon
On To Staddle8Bree-Land, Staddle
One Drink Too Many15Ered Luin, Haudh LinAnnunlos, Lone Land, The Forsaken Inn
One Fish, Two Fish5Bird and Baby Inn, Michel DelvingHobbiton-Bywater
One Last Chance20Bree-land, Barrow-downs, The Dead Man's PerchBree-town, Ost Gorthad
One More Marker38Evendim, Tham HabadSouthern Emyn Uial
Onward to Gath Forthnír44Areneth's Necklace
Onward to Gath Forthnir45Angmar, GabilshathurGath ForthnirThol-Klath, Spoke Breaker
Opening the Waterways52Dolven-view, The Great DelvingThe Dwarrf-lord's GateWorker's Helmet, Sot's Bracelet
Oppression's Yoke38Angmar, AughaireDonnvail
Orc Battle-medallions38Esteldin, North Downs
Orc Battle-medallions -- Introduction38Esteldin, North Downs
Orc Campaign-medallions45Esteldin, North Downs
Orc Campaign-medallions -- Introduction45Esteldin, North Downs
Orc Excursions27Lin Giliath, Meluinen, North DownsCubrog
An Orc Messenger11Lone Land, Weather HillsGlumhallow
Orc Out-riders13
Orc-Bounty25Esteldin, North DownsGatson's Farm, KingsfellDaerthann
Orc-Slayer14Bree-Fields, Bree-LandGreenwayDagoran, Dagoron
Orc-thieves16Lone Land, Weather HillsBleakriftCandaith's Spare Bow
Orcs in the Ram Dúath35
Orcs in the Ram Duath40Angmar, Lehma-KotiRam Duath
Orcs of the Blood Mountain32Esteldin, North DownsDol DinenBridge-defenders, Arohir's Necklace, Arohir's Crossbow, Arohir's Axe
An Order for Alken Chubb10Hobbiton-Bywater, ShireGreen Dragon Inn
An Order for Pansy Proudfoot9Shire, StockThe Golden Perch
An Order for Rollo Bunce8Brockenborings, Shire, The Plough and Stars
An Order for Ruby Hollowbanks10ShireFloating Log Inn, Frogmorton
Order From the Darkness48Gloin's Camp, Misty MountainsGoblin-TownPure Essence of Athelas
Orders From The Front32Esteldin, North DownsDol Dinen, Rhunenlad
Ore for the Forge46Forochel, Pynti-leiri
Ore For The Forge46Forochel, Pynti-leiriIta-ma
An Ornate Necklace44Barad Morlas, EregionEchad Eregion, High Hollin, Low Hollin
Ost Forod in Tyrn Fornech36Evendim, TinnudirEvendim, Ost Forod
Ost Guruth to the Forsaken Inn18Lone Land, Ost GuruthThe Forsaken Inn
Other Prisoners48Goblin-Town
Our Friends in Hoarhallow50EttenmoorsHoarhallow
Our Greatest Find22Annunlos, Lone Land, The Forsaken InnMinas Eriol, Ost LadenMunce's Ring, Munce's Masher
Out from the Depths54LothlórienAlrekur's Spear
Out of the Darkness55Moria, The WaterworksKraibag's Ruin
Out of the North51Echad Mirobel, Eregion, Mirobel
Out of the South53Echad Mirobel, Eregion, Mirobel
Outfitting the Defenders9Ered Luin, Low LandsRath Teraig, Ered Luin, Gondamon
Over the Pass of Caradhras45Eregion, Tâl CaradhrasRedhorn Gate
Overweening Confidence53Silvertine Lodes, The Deep DescentMenem-berej