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Lord of the Rings Online Quests - P

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NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
Panic in the Ranks52The Flaming Deeps
Pansy Tunnelly's Tale10Scary, ShireBrockenborings, GreenfieldsLesser Essence of Athelas, Primstone's Shirt, Primstone's Shoes
Passage of Foes58The Orc-Watch, Redhorn LodesRedhorn Lodes, The Tailing Pit
Passage to Darkness48Rivendell, Hall of Fire, Last Homely HouseMisty Mountains, Northern High Pass
A Patch in Time2Ered Luin, Thorin's GateThorin's Hall
Patching the Holes50Ettenmoors, Lugazag
Path of the Ancient Master55Ered LuinThe Waterworks
Path of the Martial Champion60LothlórienThe Foundations of Stone
Paying Bills17Adso's Camp, Bree-Fields, Bree-LandOld Sweetgrass Farm
Paying Your Respects10Brokenborings, Shire
Payment in Full12Adso's Camp, Bree-Fields, Bree-LandAdso's Vest, Adso's Blade
Pease-pudding43Angmar, AughaireFasach-FalroidPease-Picking Gauntlets
Pembar's Relics49Echad Eregion, Eregion, High Hollin
Pembar's Unwelcome Visitors44Eregion
A Perfect Feather31Bruinen Gorges, TrollshawsArrod's Necklace
Picks for Delivery45North Downs, OthrikarThorin's Hall
Pickthorn's Treasure7Bree-Land, Combe, Combe Lumber CampArchetPick's Hammer, Pickthorn's Boots
Pie For The Green Dragon6Hobbiton-Bywater, ShireThe Ivy Bush
Piercing the Walls53Zelem-melek
A Pilgrimage to the Past29Esteldin, North DownsEvendim, Tinnudir
Pillar of Strength50Ettenmoors, Tol AscarnenHithlad
Pipe-Weed Delivery9Bree-Land, Bree-TownAdso's Camp, Bree-Fields
A Plague of Lizards50Echad Dunann, EregionEmyn Naer
A Plague of Spiders18Lone Land, Ost GuruthAmon Ros
A Plague Upon Us20Lone Land, Ost GuruthOst Cyrn
Plague Wind58The Foundations of Stone, The Shadowed Refuge
Plague-bearer of the North36Esteldin, North DownsOst CrithlancAvorlos, Arohir's Gold Bracelet, Anwarchris, Hanham, Arohir's Cap
Plan in Motion49Goblin-TownScout's Ring, Maethoranc, Scout's Rune-stone
Planting Anew49Eregion, Glad Ereg, GwingrisSad TharegCelebrandir's Hope
Planting the Seeds for Harvest5Party Tree, Shire
Played-Out28North Downs, Othrikar
A Plea From Barad Morlas50Eregion
A Plea from Lainedhel45Bree-Land, Bree-TownEttenmoors, Glan VraigToken of Valour
Pledge of the Dourhands44Angmar, Gath Forthnir
Pledge of the Goblins44Angmar, Gath Forthnir
Pledge of the Trév Duvárdain44
Pledge of the Trev Duvardain50Angmar, Gath ForthnirHimbar
Pledge of the White Hand49Angmar, Gath Forthnir
Pledge of the White-hand44
Plenty to Go Around52Durin's Way, The Chamber of the CrossroadsLíkmund's Bow, Líkmund's Sword
Poaching: Hornéd Wood-lord60Echad Andestel, Lothlórien, NimrodelEgladilWoodlord's Crown, Woodlord's Hat, Woodlord's Helm
Poaching: Protected Boars in Lórien60LothlórienEryn Laer, GelirdorBoar's Hide Pauldrons, Boar's Hide Shoulder Pads, Boar's Hide Spaulders
Poaching: Protected Deer in Lórien60LothlórienGelirdor, Nan CelebrantPoacher's Cleaver, Skinning Knife, Bone Ring
Poisoning the Hoardale55Ettenmoors, GramsfootTol Ascarnen
A Poor Guard23North Downs, Trestlebridge
Posco's Uncle8Bree-Land, Combe Lumber CampChetwoodLesser Essence of Athelas, Walking Staff, Took Gauntlets
A Poultice for Our Hurts39Angmar, AughaireFasach-Falroid, Fail-a-Khro
Practised Villainy36Evendim, Ost ForodParker's Jacket
Prakhum, Emissary of Goblin-town45
Prakhum, Emissary of GoblinTown49Angmar, Gath ForthnirMinas MaurVictory at Minas Maur
Pre-emptive Measures60Lothlórien, Talan FanuidholBolg Maufulug, Drumaudhul, FanuidholLothlórien Silver Branch
Predators in the Foothills43Angmar, AughaireFasach-larranNecklace of the Buth Sankhas
Preparations for the Assault12Ered Luin, Thrasi's Lodge
Preparing For the Dark48Hall of Fire, Last Homely House, RivendellElrond's Library
Present Yourself to the Chieftain38Angmar, AughaireSlippers of Fem, Shoes of Fem, Boots of Fem
Preserving the Bridges56Moria, The Flaming Deeps
A Previous Expedition55Redhorn Lodes, The Orc-WatchMalmezel, Menem-mezel, The Ore-houseGloves of Malmezel
A Price on Their Heads13Annunlos, Lone Land, The Forsaken InnMinas EriolScabbard Chaser
Profound Losses23Lone Land, Ost GuruthAmon Ros
Prologue to Hope58The Foundations of StoneRedhorn Lodes
A Promise Fulfilled29Esteldin, North DownsTrestlebridgeDrake Wing Vest, Drake Wing Jacket, Drake Wing Mail
Proof's Burden28Agamaur, Lone LandHarloeg, Ost HaerEmelin's Helm, Emelin's Staff
Prospector of Angmar45Angmar, Gabilshathur
Protecting the Herd47Forochel, Ja-Rannit
Protecting the Hunt10Ered Luin, GondamonOrlygyr's Hammer, Orlygyr's Staff, Orlygr's Rune-Stone, Orlygr's Staff
Proving Your Quality35Bree-Land, Hengstacer Farm, Horsefields
Provisions for the Glade26Lin Giliath, Meluinen, North DownsKingsfellMillos, Aurochs Skinner, Stick Javelin
Pulling Beards30OthrikarNorth DownsBlack Biter, Dourhand's Foe, Hammerhorn's Demise, Ithilin
Purging the Dead22Bree-Land, Bree-Town, Bree-Town HallThe Great BarrowYellowtusk Spear, Chief Watcher's Bow, Grimbriar's Knife
Purging the Overmasters51Echad Mirobel, Eregion, MirobelThe Library of Tham Mirdain
Purging the Plains31North Downs, RusfoldNan Amlug East, Rhunenlad
Purging the White Hand55Moria, Zelem-melek
Purification of Death43Angmar, MyrkworthImlad BalchorthOflar's Spear
Purple Dwarf-lamp51
Pursued by the Past26Lone Land, TornstonesHarloegKekkonen's Bow, Earth-kin Earring, Kekkonen's Hammer, Leggings of the Earth-kin
Pushing the Panic44Angmar, Himbar, Gath ForthnirBail Catharnakh
Putting Down the Dead37Free People's Camp, North DownsFornostMaedhrusc's Mace, Maedhrusc's Javelin
Puzzle of the Carvings55Moria, Zelem-melek