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Lord of the Rings Online Payment in Full

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NamePayment in Full
Starts at NPCAdso Haybank
Starts in Zones
Rewards Items
  • Defeat brigands at the Old Sweetgrass Farm (/)
  • Adso Haybank's camp lies south-west of the Old Sweetgrass Farm, along the Great East Road.OODesperate to rid himself of his troubles, Adso asked you to drive off the brigands who were extorting money from him. The hobbit will be glad to know that you have succeeded.
  • BackgroundThe brigands have encamped at the Old Sweetgrass Farm north-east of Adso Haybank's camp.
    Desperate to rid himself of his debts and his troubles, Adso Haybank has asked you to deal with Bill Ferny's associates at the Old Sweetgrass Farm.
    Map of Bree-Land Click an Icon to Link


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