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Lord of the Rings Online Pushing the Panic

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NamePushing the Panic
Starts at NPCArtain
Related ObjectsAngmarim Supplies
Starts in Zones
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded24s, 50c
  • Destroy Crates in Bail Catharnakh (0/6)
  • Talk to Artain
  • Background'You there, (your race) will assist me? I am greatly angered by the treachery of our sister-tribe, the Trév Dúvardain. They provide food to the armies of the Iron Crown and must be made to pay for their treason.

    'I wish you to go to Bail Catharnakh, west of here, and destroy the food crates you find there. They must be destroyed before the Trév Dúvardain can deliver them to the Angmarim.

    'When you have completed this task, return to me, and I will reward you as I may!'
    DescriptionAngered by the treachery of the Trév Dúvardain, the Hillman Artain seeks to disrupt the flow of provisions from the Trév Dúvardain and the Angmarim.
    Map of Angmar Click an Icon to Link


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