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Lord of the Rings Online Quests - Q

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NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
Quality and Character9Bree-Land, Staddle
Queen in the Fungus55The Foundations of Stone
Queen of the Host50Angmar, Gath ForthnirCarn DumLotholf, Glyn's Bow, Dorcham, Glyn's Shoes, Hithringor
Queen-mother41North Trollshaws, TrollshawsTrapdoor LairThoroniel's Shield, Thoroniel's Boots, Doronolf, Othdram
Quelling the Storm50Echad Dunann, Eregion, Nan SirannonRedhorn ShowfallRostoriel's Shoes
Quenching a Thirst7Ered Luin, Noglond, Vale of ThrainThorin's Gate, Thorin's HallGeitir's Club
Quenching the Flames50Angmar, Gath ForthnirUrugarthLhugrien's Fall, Narchol, Laingalad
Question the Prisoner3Archet, Archet JailLesser Celebrant Salve
Quite a Pickle15Harloeg, Lone Land, Ost HaerHobbiton, Shire