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Lord of the Rings Online Raid: Bogbereth

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NameRaid: Bogbereth
Starts at NPCLunathron
Starts in Zones
Related Mobs
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded49s, 70c
Rewards Items
  • Defeat Bogbereth
  • BackgroundBogbereth hunts in the north-eastern reaches of Himbar.
    Lunathron cautioned you not to face Bogbereth with anything less than a fully-armed war-party. She must be defeated, lest she continues to spawn more of her foul brood.
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    <2007-06-29 21:37:38>
    <Guest>Bogbereth is doable with 1 or 2 fellowships. to spawn her go to the room full of Bogbereth's brood (the little green spiders) inside Torech-i-Bogbereth. when you kill all brood spiders she, and her matron (50 elite master, 20k health) will spawn. Stun the matron (Loremaster) and just tank and spank Bogbereth. she will spawn a lot of her brood (the little swarm spiders). you need one or two champions to AoE these. Easy fight, takes a few minutes.

    <2007-08-14 02:11:27>
    <Guest>Bogbereth has 131,000 Moral and the broodlings go straight for the healer.

    <2008-03-03 21:49:01>
    Blaire <Guest>Me (47 Hunter) and a 49 Guardian went in and tried to kill all the broods. But only the matron spawned. I may be a bug, but reading now that a 131k health mob might have appeared im kinda glad it was. =)

    <2009-05-31 02:31:01>
    Goadgar <Guest>How long is the respawn?

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