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Lord of the Rings Online Ran Afoul of the Bears

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NameRan Afoul of the Bears
Starts at NPCRobin Dunkley
Related ObjectsTomb-Robber Corpse
Starts in Zones
Occurs in Zones
  • Nan Orngon
Coin Rewarded19s, 95c
  • Reclaim stolen relic from a tomb-robber corpse
  • Bring broken statuary to Robin Dunkley
  • BackgroundA group of tomb-robbers ran afoul of the bears at Nan Orngon, east of Ost Forod in Tyrn Fornech. Robin Dunkley has asked you to find the bodies of the tomb-robbers at Nan Orngon and recover any artifacts they might have stolen.
    DescriptionTIP: The Tomb-Robber Corpse is at S 7.4, W 62.2
    Map of Evendim Click an Icon to Link


    Any tricks or tips <2008-02-03 04:06:20>
    Chris <Guest>Finding this very hard as a 36 solo quest, currently a Lvl 37 minstrel. Any tips/tricks to avoid having to fight past 10's of bears one by one.

    <2008-03-16 16:42:24>
    ~Andernilion~ <Guest>Yes, just run in front of the body, then you can avoid fighthing

    <2008-05-31 09:25:30>
    luke <Guest>heh, its not 10 i only had to fight 1...2 at the most

    <2008-06-05 15:09:22>
    <Guest>easy solo as 32 captain, either fight your way there.. or just avoid the aggro, I fought 1 bear

    <2008-07-03 04:09:44>
    <Guest>its in a valley near a bear den. its not on the hill

    <2008-07-05 02:21:28>
    <Guest>I fought a grand total of 0 bears, and was in and out in under thirdy seconds. You literally ride down the road east from Ost Forod, keep heading east, and then peer into a little canyon. Spot the four bodies, loot the flashing one, and walk out. If you can't handle that, you either are too low to be in Evendim, or need to seriously reevaluate your ability to play this game.

    <2008-10-14 06:33:28>
    <Guest>Very easy quest with my burg lvl 33 :P Just sneak past the bears that are there, and kill the one near the body

    Ran Afoul of the Bears <2008-10-19 04:50:47>
    Martin <Guest>I too am having trouble even though a 37 Hunter and NO i HAVE NO TROUBLE PLAYING THIS GAME So I agree with you

    <2008-10-26 04:13:07>
    <Guest>all im doin is havning trouble finding the bodied the bears are a peice of piss im lvl 35 hunter and took4 of em at once

    <2008-10-26 04:13:07>
    <Guest>ok i finally found the bodies it is really easy when u know were they are :D they are just tight of u at the bottom of the hill

    <2008-10-29 02:43:47>
    <Guest>coordinates are wrong, marker is right

    <2008-11-08 04:34:18>
    <Guest>Lvl 33 champ, bears are red so my weapons do very little damage. Not soloable at this level.

    Wrong Coords <2008-12-16 04:46:31>
    <Guest>should be 7.4 62.2

    Easy <2008-12-30 05:56:47>
    Penraven <Guest>The point is, you really dont have to fight any bears, with a tiny bit of patience you can slip in and grab the body when the ONE bear near it walks away for a minute. I fought ZERO bears. If you insist on fighting then whatever happens is on you. I gave you an easy solution

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