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Lord of the Rings Online Relics in Barad Tharsir

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NameRelics in Barad Tharsir
Starts at NPCHarmony Grayson
Related Objects
Starts in Zones
Related MobsAstiul
Coin Rewarded18s, 55c
Rewards Items
  • Collect Broken Shield
  • Collect Broken Sword
  • Collect Time-Worn Bottle
  • Bring old relics to Harmony Grayson
  • Bring old relics to Astiul
  • BackgroundStep 1: Barad Tharsir is south-east of Tinnudir, in the Barandalf, on the other side of the Brandywine. Harmony Grayson wants you to bring her any relics that you can find from Barad Tharsir. Step 2: Ranger Astiul is at the Ranger-camp on the island of Tinnudir, north-west of the Barandalf and west of Parth Aduial. Harmony Grayson has asked you to bring the relics you collected to Astiul, as he will appreciate their significance.

    Broken sword: 15.8S, 60.4W
    Time-worn bottle: 15.4S, 60.5W
    Broken shield: 15.3S, 60.6W (Behind the main buildings)
    Map of Evendim Click an Icon to Link


    <2007-06-16 13:56:17>
    UlgarthBroken sword 15.8S, 60.4W Time-worn bottle 15.4S, 60.5W Broken shield 15.3S, 60.6W

    <2007-06-22 11:49:50>
    Kallimirthe shield is behind the main buildings

    <2008-01-28 04:46:09>
    Gildonis <Guest>The Time-worn bottle is on a ledge outside a little door near the Chief Tomb Raider at the top

    Behind the main buildings. <2008-03-08 03:14:57>
    Guest <Guest>What are the "main buildings" at this site? There's one standing structure, the rest is crumbled rock, just one building, and behind it is the edge of the map, can't get there.

    Finding objects <2008-05-08 00:27:55>
    Dazzleceil <Guest>Time Worn bottle is as said above on ledge. Shield -looking at bldgs straight ahead -go left and you will see a tomb like bldg. go to back of that look right near the cliff area.

    find the sword <2008-05-09 05:26:59>
    <Guest>where can I find the sword=

    <2008-06-01 03:24:34>
    <Guest>shield is not behind the tomb to the left rather near a L shaped wall to the tombs right , but how ever is behind it, as for the sword its over by aston in the far corner

    <2008-07-08 11:39:22>
    <Guest>Cant find the sword..

    <2008-08-19 04:03:42>
    <Guest>Sword is not where it shows! Can't find it! Help please!

    Broken Sword Location <2008-09-04 03:22:42>
    Barking_Mad <Guest>The broken sword is located in a corner, top-right corner, of the lower boss section. This section is just left of the right most tomb, which you can see is separate from the rest of the ruins and has a lootable chest outside it. There is a campfire near the corner where the sword is.

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