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Lord of the Rings Online Riddles in the Doors

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NameRiddles in the Doors
TypeMoria Lower Deeps
Starts at NPCGapi
Starts in Zones
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded26s, 95c
  • Solve Twisttongue's Tiddle
  • Background'The key is in a strange, heavy reminds me of something I've seen recently. What could it be...? Ah yes!

    'There are some sort of lockers, each with a keyhole in a similar style, around Bhraf-ru, all marked with this riddle in runes:

    Weight in my belly,
    Trees are my back,
    Nails in my ribs,
    Feet do I lack.

    'What do you suppose it means? The lockers can be found around Bhraf-ru, to the south-east. The riddle must be referring to one of them.'
    DescriptionÖndótt sent you to speak with his friend Gapi regarding the key you found.,

    TIP: The answer is Ship.

    TIP: 15.4S, 106.8W at Bhraf-ru


    <2008-12-15 04:12:46>
    <Guest>ship is the answer

    Locations <2008-12-23 03:08:59>
    Zagorka <Guest>15.4S 106.8W at Bhraf-Ru

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