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Lord of the Rings Online Quests: Seriesname - An Orc Messenger

NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
An Orc Messenger11Lone Land, Weather HillsGlumhallow
Instance: Retake Weathertop20Instance: Retake Weathertop
Light in the Darkness20Lone Land, Weather Hills
Lore-Master In Brown20Lone Land, Weather HillsOst Guruth, The Lore-TowerTuranc, Dorthann
Lost in Interpretation20Lone Land, Weather HillsBree-Fields, Bree-Land, Saeradan's Cabin
Orc-thieves16Lone Land, Weather HillsBleakriftCandaith's Spare Bow
Retake Weathertop21Lone Land, Weather HillsInstance: Retake WeathertopCollur, Candaith's Leather Leggings, Candaith's Scale Leggings, Baingarab, Rigul's Bane
Rise of the Orcs15Lone Land, Weather HillsAnnunlos
Warmaster Uzorr19Lone Land, Weather HillsUzorr's Vanquisher