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Lord of the Rings Online Quests: Seriesname - Falgeirr Twisttongue

NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
Falgeirr Twisttongue54Silvertine Lodes, The Deep Descent
Riddles in the Doors56Moria, The Flaming DeepsBhraf-ru
Riddles in the Locks50Silvertine Lodes, The Deep DescentAnazarmekhem
Riddles in the Stone54Silvertine LodesThe Deep DescentTwisttongue's Cloak
Riddles in the Sunshine54Moria, LothlórienGhar-bayurTwisttongue's Legacy, Falgeirr's Shelter, Falgeirr's Final Twist, The Sword of a Thousand Riddles, The Riddler's Ring
Riddles in the Tomb57Chamber of Mazarbul, Zelem-melekNanduhirion, The Chamber of Mazarbul
Riddles in the Walls56Bhraf-ru, The Flaming DeepsAnazarmekhem, Chamber of Mazarbul, The Twenty-first Hall