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Lord of the Rings Online Quests: Seriesname - Pre-emptive Measures

NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
Consistent Harassment60LothlórienLothlórien Silver Branch
Disarming the Foe60Eryn Laer, Lothlórien, Talan FanuidholBidroi Maudhul, Fanuidhol, Nardur-stazg, Prakuth-fulugLothlórien Silver Branch
Pre-emptive Measures60Lothlórien, Talan FanuidholBolg Maufulug, Drumaudhul, FanuidholLothlórien Silver Branch
Stopping The Siege35Fields of Fornost, Free People's Camp, North DownsShanks of the Aurochs, Shield Token, Siege Ender, Siege Breaker
True Intentions36Free People's Camp, North DownsFields of Fornost