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Lord of the Rings Online Quests: Seriesname - Stirrings Within Helegrod

NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
Ancient Foes of the Spider-bane40Bruinen Source North, Misty MountainsArchet, Bree-Land
In Sight of the Bitter Stair45Gloin's Camp, Misty MountainsBruinen Source North
Old Friendships45Bruinen Source North, Misty MountainsRivendell
Raid: A New Queen for Deepest Helegrod50ArchetHelegrod, Misty Mountains, Torech MordelothGaelon, Ferollos, Manadgam, Tirnengur (2)
Raid: An Evil Place, Crawling With Spiders50ArchetHelegrod, Misty Mountains, Torech MordelothAtli's Scale Shoes, Atli's Leather Shoes, Atli's Cloth Shoes
Raid: Fangs For Nothing50North Downs, OthrikarHelegrod, Misty MountainsAncient Explorer's Pack
Raid: Keep Them from Hatching50North Downs, OthrikarHelegrod, Misty MountainsPot of Ringnen Salve, Flask of Ringnen Salve
Raid: Reclaiming Eregion's Gift50Rivendell, Spire of MeetingHelegrod, Misty MountainsDragon-Tooth Shard, Gem-Encrusted Scale, Dragon-Bone Splinter
Raid: Servants of Angmar50Elrond's Library, Last Homely House, RivendellHelegrod, Misty Mountains
Raid: The Corcur of Helegrod50Thorenhad, TrollshawsBavor Wyrm-brand's Tomb, Helegrod, Misty MountainsKing's Leggings, Herombadanir, Jofur-leggar
Raid: The Long Reach of Angmar50Thorenhad, TrollshawsHelegrod, Misty MountainsNestadgaim, Lith-Mundar, Gloves of Healing
Raid: Thorog Defeated50Bruinen Source North, Misty MountainsHelegrod, Misty MountainsPure Athelas Extract, Pure Celebrant Ointment
Raid: Zaudru's Brood45ArchetHelegrod, Misty Mountains, Torech MordelothFlask of Imladris Miruvor, Flagon of Imladris Miruvor
Save Arifael40Elrond's Library, Last Homely House, RivendellAmon Nendir, Trollshaws
Stirrings Within Helegrod45Rivendell, Rivendell ValleyElrond's Library, Last Homely House, Rivendell
The Corcur Arise45Elrond's Library, Last Homely House, RivendellThorenhad, Trollshaws
The Deeds of Durin45Elrond's Library, Last Homely House, RivendellGloin's Camp, Misty Mountains
The Extent of the Threat45Bruinen Source North, Misty MountainsElrond's Library, Last Homely House, Rivendell
The Worm-hunter's Lament45Bruinen Source North, Misty MountainsNorth Downs, Othrikar