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Lord of the Rings Online Quests: Startingzone - Gramsfoot

NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
Capture an Outpost60Ettenmoors, Coldfells, Glan Vraig, Gramsfoot, Steps of Gram
Chicken Run1Ettenmoors, GramsfootGlan Vraig
Free Peoples at the Grimwood Lumber-camp50Ettenmoors, GramsfootGrimwood Lumber Camp
Free Peoples at the Isendeep Mine50Ettenmoors, GramsfootIsendeep
Free Peoples at Tirith Rhaw50Ettenmoors, GramsfootTirith Rhaw
Free Peoples at Tol Ascarnen50Ettenmoors, GramsfootTol Ascarnen
Get the Troops to the Grimwood50EttenmoorsGramsfoot
Get the Troops to the Isendeep50Ettenmoors, IsendeepGramsfoot
Get to Grothum, Maggot50Ettenmoors, GramsfootGrothum, Misty Mountains, Arador's End, Isendeep
Gift From The War-Tyrant50Ettenmoors, GramsfootMap to Gramsfoot
Grimwood Travel Tier 150Ettenmoors, Gramsfoot
Into the Grimwood55Ettenmoors, GramsfootHithlad, Hoardale
Isendeep Travel Tier 150Ettenmoors, Gramsfoot
Lugazag Travel Tier 150Ettenmoors, Gramsfoot
Mash55Ettenmoors, GramsfootDar-gazag, Steps of Gram
Poisoning the Hoardale55Ettenmoors, GramsfootTol Ascarnen
Raid: Captain-General Harvestgain50Ettenmoors, GramsfootLugazag
Raid: Captain-General Lainedhel of Ringdyr50Ettenmoors, GramsfootOst Ringdyr
Raid: Captain-General Makan of Tol Ascarnen50Ettenmoors, GramsfootTol Ascarnen
Raid: Captain-General Meldun of Isendeep50Ettenmoors, Gramsfoot
Report to Dar-Gazag, Maggot50Ettenmoors, GramsfootDar-Gazag
Report to Lugazag55Ettenmoors, GramsfootLugazag
Sticks and Stones50Ettenmoors, Gramsfoot
The Fox in the Hen House1Ettenmoors, Gramsfoot
These People Be Pests50EttenmoorsGramsfoot, Tirith Rhaw
Tirith Rhaw Travel Tier 150Ettenmoors, Gramsfoot
To Tirith Rhaw55Ettenmoors, GramsfootTirith Rhaw
To Tol Ascarnen55Ettenmoors, GramsfootTol Ascarnen, Hoardale
Tol Ascarnen Travel Tier 150Ettenmoors, Gramsfoot