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Lord of the Rings Online Quests: Startingzone - Halbarad's Study

NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
A Call to Dwarves30Esteldin, Halbarad's Study, North DownsOthrikar
A Call To Elves28Esteldin, Halbarad's Study, North DownsLin Giiliath, Meluinen, Tham Giliath
A Call to Men29Esteldin, Halbarad's Study, North DownsNellie Boskin's House, Trestlebridge
Chapter 1: Ranger of the Fields28Esteldin, Halbarad's Study, North DownsFields of Fornost, Mincham's Camp
Chapter 3: Fallen Once More29Fields of Fornost, Mincham's Camp, North DownsEsteldin, Halbarad's Study
Chapter 6: The Defence of Trestlebridge30Esteldin, Halbarad's Study, North DownsTrestlebridge
Chapter 7: The Council Assembled30Esteldin, Halbarad's Study, North DownsLast Homely House, RivendellSnake-skin Locket, Thinker's Shoes
Dire News25Mincham's Camp, North DownsEsteldin, Halbarad's StudyHalbarad's Shield, Medliechor
Foreword: Fires in the North29Lone Land, Ost GuruthEsteldin, Halbarad's Study, North Downs, Weather Hills
Ruins of Arthedain28Esteldin, Halbarad's Study, North DownsMerenost, Minas Vrun, Ost Galumar, Ost LagorosTaringor
The Darkness Within42Esteldin, Halbarad's Study, North DownsBarad Eithel, FornostRiangol, RĂ­angol
The Dwarves Shall Come30North Downs, OthrikarEsteldin, Halbarad's Study
The Free Peoples of Trestlebridge30Nellie Boskin's House, North Downs, TrestlebridgeEsteldin, Halbarad's Study