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Lord of the Rings Online Quests: Startingzone - Ost Forod

NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
A Curious Number of Bears37Evendim, Ost ForodChopley's Hands, Steak Tenderizer, Chopley's Hat
A Friend in Ost Forod35Evendim, TinnudirOst Forod
A Friend to the Kings of Old38Evendim, GwindethrondEavespires, Ost Forod, Tyl RuinenCurugarab, Messenger's Cloak, Curugarab (Evendim), Gwindeth's Greatsword
A Howling in the Hills36Evendim, Ost Forod
A Striking Absence of Boar36Evendim, Ost Forod
Ancient Statuary35Evendim, Ost ForodTyrn FornechStatuary Tender, Dunkley's Leggings, Santranc
Ballard Wilmer and the White Warg36Evendim, Ost ForodWhite-warg Hunter
Bounty: Andy Idden, Goblin-friend36EvendimOst Forod, Parth AduialIdden's End
Bounty: Bill Tripper, Master of Blades35Evendim, Ost ForodParth Aduial, Tham Varan
Bounty: Harry Hinchcliffe, Dead-eye35Evendim, Ost ForodTyrn FornechHinchcliffe's Doom
Bounty: Thauk, Vile Warg36Evendim, Ost Forod
Escape from Duskencleft36Evendim, Ost ForodDuskencleftStandish's Gloves, Standish's Shield
Goblins in the Hollow36Evendim, Ost ForodSeaton's Robes, Seaton's Javelin
Ost Forod in Tyrn Fornech36Evendim, TinnudirEvendim, Ost Forod
Practised Villainy36Evendim, Ost ForodParker's Jacket
Ran Afoul of the Bears35Evendim, Ost ForodNan Orngon
Surely Almost There34Evendim, TinnudirOst Forod, Tham Habad
The Bounty-hunter37Evendim, Ost ForodBasil's Rune-Stone, Basil's Spear
The Gauredain of Emyn Uial37Evendim, Ost ForodNorthern Emyn Uial
The Lost Statue38Evendim, Ost ForodTyl Ruinen
Trouble at Cirith Rhiw35Evendim, Ost ForodCirith RhiwStandish's Shoes, Reaper of Cirith Rhw
Unfriendly Eyes in Ost Forod35Evendim, Ost ForodTinnudir
Vengeance in the Ruins40Evendim, TinnudirOst ForodPanthavron's Charm, Win-Herthar, Balchelos' Helmet, Brychan's Downfall
Word from Calenglad37Evendim, Ost ForodTinnudir