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Lord of the Rings Online Quests: Startingzone - Tyl Ruinen

NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
A Friend to the Kings of Old38Evendim, GwindethrondEavespires, Ost Forod, Tyl RuinenCurugarab, Messenger's Cloak, Curugarab (Evendim), Gwindeth's Greatsword
Corrupted Beasts of Nenuial38Evendim, GwindethrondTyl Ruinen
Rumming's Remaining Riddle37Evendim, Tyl Ruinen
Rumming's Resolute Resolve37Evendim, Tyl RuinenEvendim
Rumming's Ridiculous Request36Evendim, Tyl Ruinen
The Burning Island36Evendim, TinnudirTyl RuinenRefined Celebrant Salve
The Corrupted Statue36Evendim, The EavespiresTyl Ruinen
The Lost Statue38Evendim, Ost ForodTyl Ruinen
The Terrible Secret of the Salamanders39Evendim, Tyl RuinenTinnudir, Tyl RuinenCalatherdir's Wall, Calatherdir's Boots, Calatherdir's Buckler