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Lord of the Rings Online The Drake's Egg

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NameThe Drake's Egg
Starts at NPC
Related ObjectsDrake-Egg
Starts in Zones
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded22s, 40c
  • Collected a drake egg
  • Bring the drake egg to Arzhur
  • BackgroundThe drake-lair is NaĦd Nathair, north of Aughaire. NaĦd Nathair can be recognized not only by the drakes but by the many hill-beasts in the area. Lore-singer Arzhur has asked you to obtain a drake egg. The egg is needed as a token for the men of Aughaire to present to the other hill-clans. He has warned you to avoid the drakes themselves in seeking an egg.
    DescriptionIMPORTANT NOTE: This quest is extremely important to do, because compeleting it opens up a huge number of other quests. Unfortunately the drake's egg spawns in the drake area to the north, past the hillbeast crevices. The drakes spawn very quickly and hit very hard. You will need to harvest the eggs, it takes about five seconds. You will need a group for this, or at the minimum a Guardian to train the drakes away while you grab the egg.
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    <2007-06-03 01:12:27>
    Logo Beatbox <Guest>I use Unpsofable, it's my fav guardian for these Quests. Burglar and Guardian is nice. While guardian is doing typical farming, a burglar can easily sneak in, find the place, and then use whistle and call his fellow. Ask mom for washing.

    Easy as a burg <2007-11-25 02:12:02>
    Maddy <Guest>This is easy to do solo as a Burgler. Simply sneak your way up to the top, and there will be 2 drakes apart from each other. Make sure your HIPS is ready just in case. Cast Riddle on the drake, run in, grab the egg, and HIPS. If the drake resists the Riddle just HIPS and repeat.

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