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Lord of the Rings Online The Final Word

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NameThe Final Word
Only for Class:Guardian
Related MobsSamwise Gamgee
Occurs in Zones
Requires Items
Ability RewardedChallenge the Darkness
  • Speak to Samwise Gamgee in Rivendell who knows about the book
  • Obtain the Missing Pages
  • BackgroundThis book is of Elvish origin, having been written so long ago that few of the Elves today were alive at the time of its writing. You cannot even guess at how old it actually is, as it seems to show few signs of age or decay. You cannot recognize the type of parchment it was written upon, nor what kind of ink could withstand the passage of so much time without fading. The main indication of its age and origin is the writing style which is in an extremely old form using ancient letters called Tengwar, which were created by the Noldor many ages ago. The main focus of the book is difficult to translate, but seems to centre around an ancient oath of battle that Elf-guardians might make in the midst of a desperate melee, in essence binding themselves and their enemies in a pact of battle and death that neither the oath-taker nor their sworn-enemies dared break. It is clear from the text that these oaths carried power beyond that of any simple cry to infuriate or trick one's enemies -- but the secret of the technique seems lost as several key pages have been carefully cut from the book, presumably by someone hoping to safeguard its secrets in an age long past. Perhaps someone in Rivendell will be able to help decipher the book.
    DescriptionThis is a legendary book quest. The quest begins when you read the legendary book of the same name. You must then turn this book in to Samwise Gamgee in Rivendell. Finally you must collect the pages of the book and examine them.

    The book and pages are random drops from level 40+ monsters.
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