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Lord of the Rings Online The Furthest Charge

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NameThe Furthest Charge
Only for Class:Hunter
Related MobsLegolas
Occurs in Zones
Requires Items
Ability RewardedRain of Thorns
  • Speak to Legolas
  • Collect the missing pages of the book
  • BackgroundThe Furthest Charge was written by a Captain of Gondor who fought in a misguided battle shortly before the War of the Last Alliance. In this battle, the forces of the young kingdom of Gondor found themselves pitted against a company of Elven hunters out of Lorien, both sides having been tricked into battle by a device of the Enemy, who was determined to cripple the alliance that would eventually result in his overthrow. In this book, the Captain describes a valiant but doomed charge of the Men of Gondor against the Elves, within which they suffered a terrible onslaught of arrows raining down from the sky in such fashion as to cause brave men to cower and falter in their advance, trapped unmoving beneath an endless hail of biting wood and metal. The Furthest Charge is considered to be a defining work on the power of the hunter's art in the grand battles that have defined the face of Middle-earth today. Unfortunately, this copy is badly damaged by time and wear. Perhaps Legolas of Mirkwood, purported to be in Eriador, could shed some light upon the text.
    DescriptionThis is a legendary book quest. The quest begins when you read the legendary book of the same name. You must then turn this book in to Legolas in Rivendell. Finally you must collect the pages of the book and examine them.

    The book and pages are random drops from level 40+ monsters.
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    <2009-09-26 06:34:16>
    Paranoid* <Guest>Where can I get the Book itself besides the Auction House?

    <2009-10-12 06:01:29>
    Kandamir <Guest>The book is a random drop, just like the pages.

    Perfect <2010-01-10 03:29:52>
    Kyle <Guest>If you are a high level and can solo level 48 signatures in gobline town (goblin soldiers) then go to goblin town then goblins tunnels and kill goblin soldiers and other mobs. You will get all of your hunter books in under an hour fully complete.

    <2010-01-10 03:29:52>
    Miarra <Guest>You can buy the books from your trainer

    Legendary Books <2010-01-10 03:43:05>
    Jadzea <Guest>As of the release of Mirkwood (December 2009) you can purchase the books themselves from your class trainer. So now all you need to find are the pages. Still not an easy task.

    ROT Book <2010-01-10 03:53:37>
    Beaubien <Guest>Cab be ourchased from Corurien in Eregion, 50.9, 8.12.

    <2010-01-10 03:53:37>
    Oakrider <Guest>Anyone know where the pages all drop since AFTER the update?

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