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Lord of the Rings Online The Path of the Ancient Master: Lending a Hand

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NameThe Path of the Ancient Master: Lending a Hand
Only for Class:Loremaster
Starts at NPCHugi
Background'Hail, friend. I speak for my fellow lore-masters when I ask for your aid in no small task.

'Within the Forges of Khazad-dum is a spectre of fire known as Ruingal. Apparently, he has caused no small amount of strife in the days since Durin's Bane first came to Moria.

'If you would aid one of my fellow lore-masters in felling this foul creature you would have our eternal gratitude and a small token of our appreciation.'
DescriptionMany wardens seek the Path of the Ancient Master, but not all can accomplish their goals alone.


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