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Lord of the Rings Online The Riddle-finder

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NameThe Riddle-finder
Starts at NPCBilbo Baggins
Starts in Zones
Related Mobs
Occurs in Zones
  • Rivedell Valley
Requires Items
Rewards Items
  • Talk to Lindir
  • Find the answer to Lindir's riddle somewhere in Imladris
  • Bring Boromir's badge to Lindir to answer his riddle
  • BackgroundFind the answer to Lindir's riddle somewhere in Imladris. Breath is needed Warning heeded Some will arrive With sword and knife My work is completed 'Til once more I'm needed.
    DescriptionTIP: Speak to Boromir in the Guest Rooms to update the quest.
    Map of Rivendell Click an Icon to Link


    <2007-10-05 05:28:26>
    <Guest>TIP: Speak to Boromir who patrols near the guardian trainer. He will give you his badge.5.5W,28.2S

    <2008-02-14 04:13:02>
    Stef <Guest>The quest level is incorrect - my capt was able to talk to Bilbo at lvl 32 to start the quest.

    <2008-03-21 13:21:23>
    <Guest>possible at lvl 30

    Quest level <2008-07-03 04:13:15>
    Tiren <Guest>The quest level is 36, it says so in the quest tracker. Just because you can complete it at lower levels, does mean it is lower level.

    <2008-07-24 03:25:09>
    <Guest> this is wrong he is not by the gaurdian trainer he moved

    Error <2008-07-27 02:27:15>
    RiddickR <Guest>He is where the above map says, but you only have to talk to him. no killing

    <2008-08-07 03:46:07>
    Kofast <Guest>I found him in the guest rooms in the south west where you find Legolas and Aragorn

    boromir <2008-08-28 04:29:39>
    draco <Guest>he no long patrols he is in the guest house

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