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Lord of the Rings Online The Riddle-Game

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NameThe Riddle-Game
Starts at NPCBilbo Baggins
Related ObjectsWork-Gloves
Starts in Zones
Related MobsLindir
  • Talk to Lindir
  • Find the item that matches the riddle
  • Return the item to Lindir
  • BackgroundBilbo has asked you to help out in a riddle-game he is playing with Lindir: I often hold your hand, But I have no hands wherewith to hold. I often sleep in summer, But I do my best when it grows cold. I often lose my mate, But I feel no sorrow, if truth be told.
    DescriptionSPOILER: The Work-Gloves that you need are on the table at the Stables in Imladris.
    Map of Rivendell Click an Icon to Link


    Riddle <2008-05-11 04:20:09>
    Elessar <Guest>It has to be a Glove.. But where can i find i glove to bring as proof?

    Riddle <2008-05-11 17:10:47>
    Elessar <Guest>The Glove is on a table at the stables in Imladris.

    <2008-05-22 15:34:07>
    <Guest>I got this quest at level 30.

    <2008-07-02 12:22:18>
    Guest <Guest>They could've made this quest much cooler by adding a bit more logic to it. It took me little time to think of a glove, but how does one think of going to the STABLES? If I need gloves, I go to an outfitter or perhaps a light armor smith. I even bought a pair before discovering work gloves in the stables.

    <2008-08-17 04:01:07>
    <Guest>And it is pretty small item to notice, even if you scanned whole Rivendell looking for glove... Totally disappointed in this one :(

    Riddle <2008-12-21 02:58:59>
    Blac Haze <Guest>Im guessing they thought that we would have noticed the gloves if we ever came by horse

    Riddle <2009-03-31 04:35:07>
    SFXBernprintWell it did say mate but I would have thought more of a horse if they said Mare.

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