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Lord of the Rings Online The Rising Chord

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NameThe Rising Chord
Only for Class:Minstrel
Related Mobs
Occurs in Zones
Requires Items
Ability RewardedSong of the Hopeful Heart
  • Speak to Lindir
  • Collect the missing pages of the book
  • BackgroundThe Rising Chord is considered to be a remarkable collection of songs all of a theme that speaks to the heart of the Free Peoples of Middle-earth in one voice, be they Men, Elves, or dwarves. Drawing on the tradition of each of these peoples, the songs resound with a clarion call of freedom and hope that is unsullied by the slightest trace of sorrow, fear, or hate. There are some who claim that this work is shallow and without dimension, but to the adept minstrel, it is a description of form unparalleled by other works. Unfortunately, the book and its strident forms became 'unfashionable' after the fall of the North Kingdom, as a deep lethargy and cynicism crept over the kingdoms of Men, and the Elves withdrew ever further into their forest strongholds. 'Nowadays, The Rising Chord is quite difficult to find, and even when a copy is found -- such as this -- it is incomplete at best. Perhaps the famed Elvish minstrel Lindir might be able to tell you more about it.
    DescriptionThis is a legendary book quest. The quest begins when you read the legendary book of the same name. You must then turn this book in to Lindir in the Hall of Fire at the Last Homely House in Rivendell. Finally you must collect the pages of the book and examine them.

    The book drops from random level 40+ monsters. Pages 1-4 drop from orcs in Dn Covd. 5-8 from wights in Imlad Balcorth.5-8 Also drops from Goblins in Goblin-town in the Misty Mountains.
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    <2007-09-09 01:32:49>
    <Guest>Dun Covad is located at 6N 37.7W

    Rising Chord Pages <2008-10-24 06:30:42>
    Wolnat <Guest>One Dropped off of the sorceress at the altar west of Gath Forothnir.

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