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Lord of the Rings Online The Secret of the Council

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NameThe Secret of the Council
TypeMoria Lower Deeps
Starts at NPCGeirfast
Starts in Zones
Background'I cannot wait to discover this new map's secret! It looks as though it may show a destination to the south-east of here. Were I you, I would search within Nud-melek - let's see, you said it curved downwards... Perhaps the southern section of the Second Hall?'
DescriptionFrom your description of the map the torch projected onto the wall, Geirfast thinks it must lie somewhere within Nud-melek, perhaps in the southern part of the Second Hall.,

TIP: 8.9S, 103.2W
Map of Zelem-melek Click an Icon to Link


loc secret council <2008-12-13 23:31:09>
Telladan <Guest>Tip: 8.9S, 103.2W

Worst quest ever <2009-06-22 07:26:21>
Anian <Guest>After you solve the last riddle in the instance, you need to slowly walk up the ramp. Spikes will come up out of the ground and kill you for no aparent reason halfway down the ramp. You need to inch up until you see them, and then run over the spikes while they are down. When you&#039;re done with the quest you will need to run or map back to the 21st hall also. This is the most aggravating quest I&#039;ve done in a long, long time.

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