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Lord of the Rings Online The Strength of the Smith, Part II

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NameThe Strength of the Smith, Part II
Starts at NPCJon Whetstone
Starts in Zones
Related MobsSnagabash
Requires Items
Rewards Items
  • Craft Elven hunting-dagger for Jon Whetstone
  • BackgroundJon Whetstone is in the Crafting Hall in the town of Bree. The Novice Weaponsmith believes you are now ready to learn the ways of the forge and the anvil from Jon Whetstone.
    DescriptionTIP: Confirmed Ruined Elven Blade location is at S 31.2, W 34.1, S 31.1, W 33.6, and S 31.7, W 33.4.

    TIP: You need to kill Snagabash.

    The Note Reads:

    I have given you a recipe with which you will be able to make an Elven hunting-dagger. Use that in tandem with these notes to collect the necessary components. Some of these will require you to journey into dangerous areas, but you will not have my sympathy -- a true weaponsmith must face great challenges and not shy away from danger. How can he hope to properly outfit those of courage if he himself possesses none?


    You should have little difficulty making the hilt, as it will require only a single barrow-iron ingot and two medium hides. Barrow-iron is readily found throughout the Andrath, the Barrow-downs, and the Bree-fields, and a novice prospector can smelt the ingot for you. Medium hides can be found on a variety of wild creatures, though there are wolves to the north of Bree that yield them in great quantity.

    The same prospector should be able to refine these ingots for you if you supply him with barrow-iron and coal.

    Now we arrive at the real business. Fell creatures are covetous of the beauty of the Elves and seek to ruin such precious things whenever they are able. The half-orcs of the central Lone-lands delight in such chances. Look for their leaders in Naerost, a ruined keep north of Nain Enidh and east of Weathertop, and retrieve from them a ruined Elven blade. You can restore its worth by using it to make your dagger.

    I will not wish you good fortune, for a weaponsmith makes his own fortune. If you do journey to Naerost, I would caution you to bring friends. Half-orcs are dangerous business.

    Jon Whetstone
    Map of Lone Land Click an Icon to Link


    Ruined Elven Blade <2007-12-26 21:03:24>
    Juster <Guest>Found my Ruined Elven Blade at 31.2S, 34.1W

    location <2007-12-27 20:35:12>
    Flowerdell <Guest>dropeed for me from a half orc outside naerost

    Boss or grunt? <2008-01-15 21:37:50>
    Nedwyrd <Guest>So, does one have to kill a boss for this, or will it drop from any of the Naerost half-orcs?

    Location <2008-01-26 01:01:05>
    tixon <Guest>Location for me: 31.7S, 33.4W.

    No boss <2008-02-14 21:57:44>
    PHGamer <Guest>No boss required. The first half orc watchman I killed had one.

    Location <2008-04-18 22:48:35>
    Philippe <Guest>Location for me: 31.1S, 33.6W

    <2008-06-13 19:50:41>
    Danirlor <Guest>No boss required, it wasn't the first half orc i killed the one that dropped the blade, but it doesnt take long for getting one

    Doing Favor <2008-06-24 19:27:26>
    Anurawhoa <Guest>Cannot get it for another toon. Person with quest must go....

    <2008-08-07 22:56:03>
    arkarid <Guest>i found my sword right on the middle of the road

    <2009-09-22 00:32:40>
    Pennyf <Guest>Killed a few half-orcs, they dropped it

    <2009-10-10 01:05:16>
    Ebonweaver <Guest>you can not kill any half orc and get this, I killed many with no drop. as soon as you kill Snagabash you get it. You must kill this named boss. Note this can be done easily at level 18 even though he&#039;s a signature 20.

    <2009-10-24 01:00:06>
    Tox <Guest>Got the blade from my 3rd half-orc i killed... i didnt kill Snagabash.

    <2010-01-15 19:36:04>
    Chris <Guest>I can confirm 100% that you do NOT need to kill Snagabash to get the drop. I did this with my lvl 10 with help from a friend, so I&#039;m sure I never killed Snagabash, I got the drop after about 5-6 normal half-orc kills.

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