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Lord of the Rings Online The Thieving of the Shrew

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NameThe Thieving of the Shrew
Related ObjectsThieving Shrew Pack
Starts in Zones
Background'Did you see it, (your name)? A shrew just came running by, dragging a small pouch behind it! I believe that shrew has stolen Master Peregrin's pipe-weed pouch, and all the galenas contained therein!

'If you can find that shrew before Peregrin awakes, I can set the pouch back, and he will never know anything was amiss. I want his visit to Caras Galadhon to be a pleasant one, unmarred by any theft!

'The shrew ran to the north, in the direction of those descending steps! Follow him, and keep watch for any Elves that may have seen which direction he ran!'
DescriptionA thieving shrew has made off with Pippin's pipe-weed pouch.,

TIP: The pouch is at 15.7S, 67.0W on a rock in the pond.


<2009-03-21 23:40:28>
<Guest>pouch is at 15.7S 67.0W on a rock in the pond

<2009-10-10 00:48:55>
jamesuyt <Guest>The title of the quest is a reference to William Shakespeare&#039;s &#039;The Taming of the Shrew&#039;

lvl <2010-01-15 19:36:03>
Axeori <Guest>this is now a lvl 60

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