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Lord of the Rings Online The Tomb of Elendil

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NameThe Tomb of Elendil
TypeWardens of Annuminas
Starts at NPCCalenglad
Starts in Zones
Occurs in Zones
  • Elindil's Tomb
Coin Rewarded34s, 16c
Rewards Items
  • Talk to Calenglad and travel to the tomb of Elendil
  • Calenglad is at the Ranger-camp on Tinnudir, in Evendim. Calenglad is waiting for you to speak with him about your adventures in the tomb of Elendil.
  • BackgroundCalenglad is at the Ranger-camp on Tinnudir, in Evendim. Calenglad is waiting to speak with you about travelling to the tomb of Elendil to reclaim the Silithar for Aragorn.
    Map of Evendim Click an Icon to Link


    Loot is Incorrect <2008-01-19 04:00:50>
    Ommegor <Guest>Besides the coin, there is selectable reward of: Jofurskold - Shield, 156 AC, 12 Will, 12 Fate, 1% Tactical Crit Mod (nice for a healer =); Calenglad's Cloak - Cloak 89 AC, 12 Might, 12 Agi, 12 Vit; or, Elloch - Ear 12 Vit, 1% Ranged Crit Chance, clicky 13 Agility

    Reputation <2008-02-16 04:00:17>
    Gilros <Guest>As of book 12 you also get 900 standing with the Wardens of Annuminas for completing this quest.

    <2009-01-29 05:09:24>
    <Guest>The warden shield stats here are wrong. The real stats are +11 will, +34 morale, and +47.9 icpr. Not NEARLY as nice.

    Me <2009-04-17 06:18:33>
    Blac Haze <Guest>This is a bit hard

    . <2009-07-26 09:13:46>
    It&#039;s me <Guest>We&#039;ve tried this with a level 60 champ,level 60 hunter,level 43 champ,level 60 minstrel,level 45 guardian and level 42 hunter and this was hard as hell,the whole team whiped,then we replaced the level 42 hunter with a level 60 lore master and the turtle died in 15-20 seconds. (Yeah,wtf?)

    turtley <2009-10-08 06:12:34>
    johnfoam <Guest>Secret on the turtle is to have burglar with who can initiate a fellowship maneuver on her early in the battle. We recommend GYYYYB; the damage over time will take out the turtle&#039;s armor, the heal over time will help the group&#039;s longevity, and if you have the healer be blue, they&#039;ll get an oathbreaker to help defend them from adds.

    <2009-10-30 08:02:22>
    Mendelina <Guest>Yup, come well prepared for this, because it&#039;s a killer. We went in with a full fellowship (with healer), twice with two level 55+. We worked on it for THREE-AND-A-HALF HOURS and still didn&#039;t finish it. I don&#039;t know how many times we all died and had to come back in. (There is a slight chance that we might have gotten it on the third go or so had the turtle not glitched, but I doubt it.) Hardest quest I&#039;ve ever done. Be warned!

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