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Lord of the Rings Online Quests: Type - Eregion

NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
A Dark, Secret Way46Shield of the Company
A False Trail50Eregion, Emyn Naer, Nan Sirannon
A Flight of Drakes54Eregion, Echad Dunann, Nan SirannonInstance: Flight of Drakes, PembarGiant-fighter, Stone-smasher, Stout Defender, Worm-fighter
A Fool's Hope50Eregion, Echad DunannRedhorn Gate
A Foul Wood48Eregion, GwingrisSad Rechu, Sad Thareg
A Labourer's Axe48Eregion, Glâd Ereg, Nan SirannonGwingris
A Matter of Knowledge51Echad Mirobel, Eregion, MirobelThe Library of Tham Mirdain
A Plague of Lizards50Echad Dunann, EregionEmyn Naer
A Plea From Barad Morlas50Eregion
A Threat to Pembar49Echad Eregion, Eregion, High HollinPembar
A Wandering Pony50EregionEchad Dunann
Ablaze within Târ Stazg51Echad Dunann, Eregion, Nan SirannonTâr Stazg
Aid from the East50Echad Eregion, Eregion, High HollinEchad Dunann, Nan Sirannon
An Army of Eyes48Eregion
An Ornate Necklace44Barad Morlas, EregionEchad Eregion, High Hollin, Low Hollin
An Unseen Hand49Echad Eregion, Eregion, High HollinFauldush's Doom, Faenhilith's Protection
Armies of the South50Echad Eeregion, Eregion, Nan SirannonEchad Mirobel
Banners of the Pass50Eregion
Bill's Safe Return50Eregion, Torech AndruagGlavroleth's Boon, Bill's Endurance
Biting the White Hand53Echad Mirobel, Eregion, Mirobel
Blade of the Dunlending53Echad Mirobel, Eregion, MirobelThe School at Tham Mirdain
Caradhras the Cruel50Echad Dunann, Eregion, Nan SirannonHjór's Grief, Hj�r's Grief
Chasing Trouble50Eregion, Echad EregionNan SirannonGolgallon's Sword, Orc Out-runner
Chief of the Invaders50Echad Eregion, Eregion, High HollinHorngoth's End, Lengliel's Earring
Chieftain Gûrsh51Echad Mirobel, Eregion, MirobelThe Library of Tham Mirdain
Commander Târsh53Echad Mirobel, Eregion, MirobelThe School at Tham Mirdain
Delaying Aid50Eregion, Echad Dunann, Nan SirannonTar Stazg
Destroying their Means48Eregion, Glad Ereg, GwingrisInufileg's Companion, Wood-cutter's Gloves
Disturbing News44Eregion
Drawing the Enemy50Eregion, Nan SirannonEmyn NaerLimlaer's Axe
Emyn Naer's Pests50Echad Dunann, Eregion, Nan Sirannon
Following the Path44Echad Eregion, EregionTal Caradhras Campsite
Grasp of the White Hand49Eregion, Glad Ereg, GwingrisEchad EregionHigh Hollin
Guiding the Shadow50Eregion, Tal CaradhrasBurnt TorRuidhiel's Boots
Hiding Their Passage50Eregion, Tâl CaradhrasBurnt TorRuidhriel's Shoulder Pads, Token of the Burnt Tor
Holly-leaf Tea48Eregion, Glâd EregCup of Red Tea
Honouring the Fallen49Echad Eregion, Eregion, High Hollin
Invader's Banners49Echad Eregion, Eregion, High Hollin
Invaders of Barad Morlas49Echad Eregion, Eregion, High Hollin
Keepers of the Wood49Eregion, Glad Ereg, GwingrisSad Thareg
Leader of the Foul Wood49Eregion, Glâd EregTawarondLithuilas' Bow, Saviour of Sâd Thareg
Lost Goods43Eregion, Pend Eregion
Men of the South50Eregion
More Holly Leaf Tea50Eregion, Glad Ereg, GwingrisSad Rechu, Sad TharegCup of Red Tea
Moving Unseen49Echad Eregion, Eregion, High HollinLynx's Cloak
Musings and Teachings53Echad Mirobel, EregionThe School at Tham Mirdain
Of Mountains and Tempers50Echad Dunann, Eregion, Nan SirannonRedhorn Gate, Redhorn Showfall
Out of the North51Echad Mirobel, Eregion, Mirobel
Out of the South53Echad Mirobel, Eregion, Mirobel
Over the Pass of Caradhras45Eregion, Tâl CaradhrasRedhorn Gate
Pembar's Relics49Echad Eregion, Eregion, High Hollin
Pembar's Unwelcome Visitors44Eregion
Planting Anew49Eregion, Glad Ereg, GwingrisSad TharegCelebrandir's Hope
Purging the Overmasters51Echad Mirobel, Eregion, MirobelThe Library of Tham Mirdain
Quelling the Storm50Echad Dunann, Eregion, Nan SirannonRedhorn ShowfallRostoriel's Shoes
Reach of the White Hand49Echad Sul, Eregion, High Hollin
Remaining Goods49EregionDefender of Gwingris
Scouring the Path43Eregion, Glâd Ereg, Gwingris
Seeds for the Future48Eregion, Glad Ereg, Gwingris
Smouldering Remains50EregionBurnt Tor
Spoiling the Spoils49Echad Eregion, Eregion, High HollinPembar
Suspicious by Nature51Echad Mirobel, Eregion, Mirobel
Târ Stazg's Chief51EregionTâr Stazg
The Captain of Sâd Rechu49Eregion, Glad Ereg, GwingrisPend EregionTudur's Curse, Tudur's Challenge
The Crebain of Caradhras50Echad Dunann, Eregion, Nan SirannonPend Eregion, Red Horn Pass, Redhorn Gate
The Elves of Eregion48The Trollshaws, Ered Luin, The North Downs, Bree-landEregion, Gwingris
The Guards of Sâd Rechu48Eregion, Glad Ereg, Gwingris
The Half-orcs' Beasts49Echad Eregion, Eregion, High HollinBarad Morlas
The Lord of Porth Cadlus50Eregion, Echad Dunann, Nan SirannonBrewed Athelas Essence, G�mzhurm's Woe
The Path From Rivendell43Eregion
The Prisoner of Barad Morlas49Barad Morlas, EregionEchad Eragion, High Hollin
The Roosting Tree48EregionThaliondir's Sacrifice, Holly-tree Shield
The Ruins of Pembar49Echad Eregion, Eregion, High Hollin
The Siege of Barad Morlas55Echad Dunann, Eregion, Nan SirannonInstance: The Siege of Barad MorlasTroll-bane, Burning Rager, Drake-cleaver, Mountain-master, Steadfast Protector
The Spy-master50Echad Dunann, Eregion, Nan SirannonCirith Narugorch, Redhorn PassPizumu's Folly
The Thieves' Trail50EregionGolgallon's Armour, Tracker's Leggings
The Wolves' Master50Echad Eregion, Eregion, High HollinNûkhud's Ruin, Nkhud's Ruin, Dornhador's Helm
The Worm-keeper49EregionCarchresArzgât's Folly, Calelloth's Gift
The Worm-sire49Eregion, GwingrisPend EregionDaegennan's Armour
Things Left Behind48Eregion, Glâd EregEchad Eregion
Through the Gap of Rohan51Eregion, Nan Sirannon
Treasures from Barad Morlas49Echad Eregion, Eregion, High Hollin
Unsure Steps51Eregion, Ecad DunnanNan Sirannon, Tâl Caradhras
Wargs of Shadow45Eregion
White Hand, Red Forge50Echad Dunann, Eregeion, Nan SirannonMirobel
Wolf-bounty49Echad Eregion, Eregion, High Hollin