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Lord of the Rings Online Quests: Type - Monster

NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
A Blaze for the South50Ettenmoors, Tol AscarnenHithlad
A Blaze for the West50Ettenmoors, Tol Ascarnen
An Iron Belly50Ettenmoors, Tol AscarnenIsendeep
Armour for the Lessers50Ettenmoors, Tol AscarnenHoardale
Call the Beasts!50Ettenmoors, GrothumIsendeep
Cooking Sauce50Ettenmoors, Tol AscarnenHithlad, Ost Ringdyr
Counter Assault50EttenmoorsTol Ascarnen
Defend Us50Ettenmoors, Grothum
Destroy the Southern Flag50EttenmoorsTol Ascarnen
Destroy the Western Flag50EttenmoorsTol Ascarnen
Dwarves in the Mine50Ettenmoors, Grothum
Footmens' Badges50Dar-gazag, EttenmoorsColdfells, Hoardale
Free Peoples at Lugazag50EttenmoorsLugazag
Free Peoples at the Grimwood Lumber-camp50Ettenmoors, GramsfootGrimwood Lumber Camp
Free Peoples at the Isendeep Mine50Ettenmoors, GramsfootIsendeep
Free Peoples at Tirith Rhaw50Ettenmoors, GramsfootTirith Rhaw
Free Peoples at Tol Ascarnen50Ettenmoors, GramsfootTol Ascarnen
Get the Troops to the Grimwood50EttenmoorsGramsfoot
Get the Troops to the Isendeep50Ettenmoors, IsendeepGramsfoot
Get to Grothum, Maggot50Ettenmoors, GramsfootGrothum, Misty Mountains, Arador's End, Isendeep
Gift From The War-Tyrant50Ettenmoors, GramsfootMap to Gramsfoot
Gobbled Goblins50Ettenmoors, Grothum
Grimwood Travel Tier 150Ettenmoors, Gramsfoot
Grinding Bones in the Grimwood50Ettenmoors, Grimwood Lumber Camp
Hold the Mine50Ettenmoors, Isendeep
Horn of Rockwithers50Ettenmoors, Tol AscarnenHithlad
Huorns of the Grimwood50Dar-Gazag, Ettenmoors
Iron Belly of Lugazag50Ettenmoors, Lugazag
Isendeep Travel Tier 150Ettenmoors, Gramsfoot
Lugazag Travel Tier 150Ettenmoors, Gramsfoot
Mine the Deep50Ettenmoors, Isendeep
Raid: Captain-General Harvestgain50Ettenmoors, GramsfootLugazag
Raid: Captain-General Lainedhel of Ringdyr50Ettenmoors, GramsfootOst Ringdyr
Raid: Captain-General Makan of Tol Ascarnen50Ettenmoors, GramsfootTol Ascarnen
Raid: Captain-General Meldun of Isendeep50Ettenmoors, Gramsfoot
Report to Dar-Gazag, Maggot50Ettenmoors, GramsfootDar-Gazag
Scour the Walls Clean50Ettenmoors, Tol Ascarnen
Shatter Their Blades50Ettenmoors, Tol AscarnenColdfells, Ettenmoors, Hoardale
Sticks and Stones50Ettenmoors, Gramsfoot
Striking Shafts50Ettenmoors, Tol AscarnenHithlad
Stringy Innards50Ettenmoors, Tol AscarnenArador's End, Isendeep
Tasty Little Farmers and Gardeners50Dar-Gazag, EttenmoorsHoarhallow, Steps of Gram
These People Be Pests50EttenmoorsGramsfoot, Tirith Rhaw
Tirith Rhaw Travel Tier 150Ettenmoors, Gramsfoot
Tol Ascarnen Travel Tier 150Ettenmoors, Gramsfoot
Troll vs. Ranger50Ettenmoors
Walls of Lugazag!50Ettenmoors, Lugazag