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Lord of the Rings Online Quests: Type - Shire

NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
A Bounder of Great Merit6Bree-Land, Buckland, Bucklebury Ferry, Shire, The MarishMichel Delving, The Delving FieldsBounder Shirriff's Cap
A Few Pages Short6BridgefieldsBudgeford
A Formal Complaint27EvendimDwalingEarring of Complaint, Agent's Shield, William's Doom
A Gift for the North4Needlehole, ShireInstance: A Gift For The NorthUlfar's Leather Leggings, Olwir's Bane, Ulfar's Shoulder Guards, Ulfar's Helmet, Ulfar's Robe, Olwir's Foil
A Hidden Stash5Longo Burrow's Farm, Shire, TooklandBear Dens, TuckboroughFried Mushrooms, Took's Shirt
A Sack of Feed5Shire, TuckboroughLesser Celebrant Salve
A Salve for Stings5Shire, TooklandOverhill
A Taste for Pork5Budgeford, ShirePork Chops, Bolger's Hooded Cloak, Pork Sausage
A True Friend of Holly Hornblower1Hobbiton-Bywater, Shire
Bandages for Callum6Bridgefields, ShireBudgeford, Callum, FrogmoorsCallum's Staff, Callum's Bow, Callum's Mace
Bears On the Greenfields6Greenfields, ShireBrockenboringsMushroom Pie, Goodbody's Axe
Belco's Writ5Shire, TuckboroughMathom House, Michel DelvingWrit Finder's Greatsword, Writ Finder's Sword
Brimstone and Sparks5Shire, TuckboroughBag End, Needlehole
Bundle for Brockenborings8Scary, ShireBrockenborings
Bundle for Bywater5
Bundle for Michel Delving4Little Delving, ShireMichel Delving
Bundle for Overhill5Shire, Hobbiton-BywaterShire, Overhill
Bundle for Scary7
Bundle for Tuckborough4
Bundle for Waymeet2ShireMichel Delving, Waymeet
Bundle for Woodhall6
By Hook or By Crook5Bag End, ShireGreat Smials, Ivy Bush Inn
Calling for Charcoal5Shire, TuckboroughOverhill
Cloak of the Black Rider6Budgeford, ShireBridgefields
Close Up Their Burrows1Michel Delving, Shire, The Delving FieldsPrimstone's Cloak, Primstone's Shield
Confront the Old Took5Great Smials, Shire, TooklandTookish Earring, Sharpened Dagger
Daffodil is Missing4Needlehole, Shire
Long Live the Queen6Shire, TooklandBear Dens, Overhill, TuckboroughBeekeeper's Hood, Beekeeper's Robes, Hive Tending Boots
The End of the Matter6Great Smials, Shire, TooklandTuckborough
The Fate of Prunella Boffin8Scary, ShireGreenfieldsBoffin's Legs, Roast Pork