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Lord of the Rings Online Quests: Type - Yule Festival

NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
A Happy Hobbiton10Bag End, Shire, The HillHobbiton-Bywater
Dreaming of a White Yule10Thorin's Gate, Thorin's Hall
Dwarf-Ice10Thorin's Gate, Thorin's HallYule Festival Token
Good Cheer and Warm Cider10Shire, The Hill, The Party TreeAppledoresYule Festival Token
Ribbons and Bows10Shire, The Hill, The Party TreeYule Festival Token
The Book of Festival-law10Michel Delving, Shire
Tis the Season10Ered Luin, FalathlornYule Festival Token
Wreathed in Fir10Ered Luin, Duillond, FalathlornYule Festival Token
Yule Be Sorry10Michel Delving, ShireBag End, Hobbiton-Bywater, The Party Tree
Yule Festival Run (Bree-Land)35Bree-Land, Festival Grounds, The HorsefieldsYule Festival Token, Yule Horse Run Token
Yule Festival Run (Shire)35Michel Delving, ShireYule Festival Token, Yule Horse Run Token
Yuletide Woes10Hobbiton-bywater, ShireMichel Delving