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Lord of the Rings Online Unfriendly Eyes in Ost Forod

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NameUnfriendly Eyes in Ost Forod
Starts at NPCRobin Dunkley
Related ObjectsChest of Relics
Starts in Zones
Related MobsAstiul
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded19s, 60c
  • Collect the Chest of Relics
  • Avoid being seen by unfriendly men
  • Deliver the chest of relics to Astiul
  • Talk to Robin Dunkley
  • BackgroundThe chest of stolen relics is among the tents on the highest level of Ost Forod, north of Robin Dunkley. Robin Dunkley has asked you to find a chest of stolen relics and carry it to Ranger Astiul in Tinnudir, avoiding the eyes of the unfriendly Men of Ost Forod.
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    <2007-09-21 02:01:47>
    cryss <Guest>7.5S, 64.5W

    <2007-09-22 03:20:47>
    <Guest>DO NOT TRY TO SWIM WITH THE CHEST. You drop it and have to walk halfway across eria-freaking-dor to go back to get it

    <2007-11-25 08:12:02>
    elannarThere's no need to swim - turn on the "floaty names" and very careful dodge the Unfriendly Men in Ost Forod (there is one outside the city) - then just follow the road to Tinnundir.

    <2009-05-06 00:50:59>
    arwenli <Guest>What happens if you are seen, how do you repeat the quest?

    <2009-06-01 04:25:46>
    Roger <Guest>Well, you just go back to Robin Donkley and take the quest again.

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