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Lord of the Rings Online Quests - W

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NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
Walls of Lugazag55
Walls of Lugazag!50Ettenmoors, Lugazag
A Wandering Pony50EregionEchad Dunann
Wanetta the Wedge10Bree-Land, Eldo Swatmidge's FarmWidow Froghorn's FarmLover's Shield, Lover's Helm, Lover's Mantle
War and Famine34Esteldin, North DownsOst Crithlanc
War Dispatches49Angmar, Gath Forthnir
War Dispatches -- Introduction49Angmar, Gath Forthnir
War Host Assembled57Zelem-melek
War-master Uzorr14Uzorr's Foe
War-master's Lash45Dol Dinen, Esteldin, North Downs
War-master's Lash -- Introduction45Dol Dinen, Esteldin, North Downs
War-masters in Moria58Moria, Lothlórien, Zelem-melekThe Twenty-first Hall
Warden's Sceptre49Evendim, Tinnudir
Warden's Sceptre -- Introduction49Evendim, Tinnudir
A Warden's Second Best Ally50Lone LandAngmar, Carn Dum, Eregion, Misty MountainsBattle Medallion
Warding Runes53Moria, The Foundations of Stone
Wards of the Gauredain37Evendim, The Eavespires
Warg of Shadow50Eregion, Tâl Caradhras
Warg-Bounty30Esteldin, North Downs
Warg-Master33Esteldin, North DownsDol DinenLongaim, Raugzok's Nemesis
Warg-Slayer26Esteldin, North DownsDagoras' Leggings
Wargs of Annundir23Amon Raith, North DownsAmlaith's Scar
Wargs of Shadow45Eregion
Warmaster Uzorr19Lone Land, Weather HillsUzorr's Vanquisher
Warmer Winter47Forochel, Ja-rannit, Suri-Kyla
Warming the Garrison9Ered Luin, Gondamon, Low Lands
Warn the Dale55Zelem-melekLothlórien, Nanduhirion
Warning Amon Raith30Fields of Fornost, Mincham's Camp, North DownsAmon Raith
Warning: Evil Dwarves43Gloin's Camp, Misty Mountains
Warning: Evil Giants44Bruinen Source West, Misty Mountains, Gloin's CampRakhas-BizarThe Climber's Legs, Mithrelechor, Roadwalker's Staff
Warning: Evil Men40Bruinen Source West, Gloin's Camp, Misty Mountains
Washed Up On the Shore32Evendim, Tinnudir
Waste Near Gath Forthnir48Angmar, Gath ForthnirGuide to East Angmar
A Watchful Glance51The Great DelvingSnaga-maudhul
Watching the Marches50Ered Luin, Bree-land, The Trollshaws, Eregion, The Shire, Evendim, ForochelLone Land
Water of Life and Death38Angmar, Tyrn LhuigMalenhadMallorn Leaf
Way of the Pack46The Misty Mountains, Northern High Pass
Wayward Hunter46Forochel, Zigilgund
Weakening the Tide34Esteldin, North DownsDol DinenHithlim's Kite Shield
A Weapon of Might and Glory50Lone LandAngmar, Barad Gaurhoth, Carn Dum, Forochel, UrugarthWarden's Agonizer
Weapons For Leighton Howard10Bree-Land, CombeBronze Ingot, Tin Ore, Aged Scrap of Text
Weapons of the Orcs43Angmar, GabilshathurGrishbalt, Mor MaudhulAvar's Salute, The Siege-turner, Avar's Leggings
Weapons of War55Ettenmoors, Grimwood Lumber YardHithlad, Isendeep
Weavers Beneath the Ruins21Lone Land, Minas Eriol, The Forsaken InnMinas EriolShadow-weaver Eye Cutter, Munce's Shoulder Guards, Munce's Padded Boots, Hunulf's Dagger, Munce's Padded Boots, Munce's Shoulder Pads
Web-Cutter9Overhill, ShireBindbole Wood
Webs of Sorrow10Ered LuinGlamirs Vigil, Haudh Lin
Welcome to Moria51Durin's Threshhold, Moria, The Great Delving
Well-kept Mathoms35Michel Delving, ShireBitter Stair, Dol Dinen, Goblin-Town, Misty Mountains, North Downs
Well-kept Mathoms - Introduction35Michel Delving, ShireBitter Stair, Dol Dinen, Evendim, Goblin-Town, Misty Mountains, North Downs, Tum Fuin
A Well-Ordered Mind15Ered LuinBree-Land, Staddle, Yellow TreeCelebrant Salve, Tarcham
Well-Prepared26Lone Land, Ost GuruthAnnunlos, Weather Hills
What Ale's you1Bree-townBree-fields
What Else Left Behind?51Eregion, Ecad EregionEchad Dunann
What Was Lost8Celondim, Ered LuinDol Ringwest, DuillondBregar's Blade
When Predator Becomes Prey1
Where Norsu Die46Forochel, Zigilgund
Which Laid First?10Sandson's Farm, ShirePrized Pie
White Hand, Red Forge50Echad Dunann, Eregeion, Nan SirannonMirobel
Who Burgles The Burglar47Forochel, Lansi-ma, ZigilgundIta-ma
Wicked Daggers49Angmar, Gath Forthnir
Wicked Daggers -- Introduction49Angmar, Gath Forthnir
Widow Froghorn's Pipeweed8Bree-Land, Staddle, Widow Froghorn's FarmEldo Swatmidge's Farm
Widow's Farmhand8Bree-Land, Eldo Swatmidge's Farm
Wilderness by Ost Guruth26Lone Lands, Ost Guruth
Wine When We Dine55Lothlórien
Wings of Darkness and Death37Angmar, DuvaireRam Duath
Winter Cleaning48Forochel, Ja-rannit, Suri-kylaWarm Bear-fur Cloak, Cozy Bear-fur Cloak, Soft Bear-fur Cloak
Winter Gloves28North Downs, OthrikarKingsfellOrgrin's Staff
Wisdom of the Wardens50Lone LandRivendell
Wolf-bounty49Echad Eregion, Eregion, High Hollin
Wolf-Pelts14Adso's Camp, Bree-Fields, Bree-LandCreaking ValeHawkling's Staff, Hawkling's Knife
Wolves at Our Walls50Ettenmoors, HoarhallowToken of Valour
Wolves at Waymeet6Shire, WaymeetBrownlock's Mace
Wolves in the Fields8Budgeford, ShireGreat Smials, Puddifoot's Fields, TuckboroughHyacinth's Gauntlets
Wolves of the Grimwood50Ettenmoors, HoarhallowGrimwood Lumber Camp
Wood for Wine2
Wooden Figurines42Bree-Land, Bree-Town
Wooden Figurines42Bree-Land, Bree-Town
Wooden Figurines - Introduction42Bree-Land, Bree-Town
Wooden Figurines - Introduction42Bree-Land, Bree-Town
Word from Calenglad37Evendim, Ost ForodTinnudir
A Word of Warning6Ered Luin, Nen HilithCelondim
Word to Trestlebridge30Fields of Fornost, Mincham's Camp, North DownsTrestlebridge
Words of Light58The Foundations of Stone, The Shadowed Refuge
Workshop of the Winged58Durin's Way
A Worm by the Tail44Misty Mountains, Thorgest's HavenWrithebnoresRuinuan's Bane, Black Arrowhead, Thorkell's Vengeance, Thorgest's Rune-stone, Black Arrow-head
Worm-hide38Angmar, Tyrn LhuigMalenhadFire-Worm Cloak
Worms on the Heights42Trollshaws, Echad CandellethCirith Ulunn, Forgotten Monument
Worries from Waymeet5ShireMichel Delving, Waymeet
Worry About Worms47Forochel, Hylje-leiriTalvi-Muri
Worse than Death48Angmar, GabilshathurImlad Balchorth
Worth Dying For54Redhorn Lodes, The Orc-WatchZelem-melek
Worth Fighting57The Flaming Deeps
Worth Fighting?56The Flaming Deeps
A Worthy Garment50Ered Luin, Gondamon
Would Rather Mine42Eastern Malenhad
Wreathed in Fir10Ered Luin, Duillond, FalathlornYule Festival Token
Wright of Destruction55LothlórienLûrkh's Last Breath, Lrkh's Last Breath, Dagfari's Protection