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Lord of the Rings Online Waste Near Gath Forthnir

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NameWaste Near Gath Forthnir
Only for Class:Hunter
Starts at NPC
Related ObjectsSubtle Tracks
Related MobsMaerchiniath
Occurs in Zones
Coin Rewarded9s, 64c
Rewards Items
Ability RewardedGuide to East Angmar
  • Learn from Maerchiniath at Gath Forthnir
  • Search the Subtle Tracks
  • Background'You are a skilled hunter, ____, keen of eye and fleet of foot, but the wastes of East Angmar are perilous for even one so adept. 'You would do well to speak with Maerchiniath, a Ranger staying at the hidden camp of Gath Forthn�r, in East Angmar. He will be able to tell you of the secret paths through the waste, such that you will be able to lead your fellowship quickly to Gath Forthn�r if the need arises. 'But be prepared, for Maerchiniath will expect proof of your abilities before he teaches you anything.
    DescriptionNOTE: This quest is given by any hunter trainer.

    TIP: You must be Level 48

    Must have finished book 6 chapter 7 for the quest to appear at the hunter trainer.

    SPOILER: You must find three "Subtle Tracks", each giving directions to the next. They are:

    1) 10.0N, 25.0W
    2) 9.2N, 24.5W
    3) 10.0N, 26.1W
    Map of Angmar Click an Icon to Link
    Map of Bree-Town Click an Icon to Link
    Map of Shire Click an Icon to Link


    Location, Brooch <2007-08-21 08:01:22>
    Faroth <Guest>its at 10.0N 26.1 W gotta search the Subtle Tracks there

    Brooch Location <2007-08-21 08:01:22>
    Ghanima Fox <Guest>It's location is at 10.0N, 26.1W. Stupid brooch..

    How? <2007-08-23 23:40:29>
    Plym <Guest>How do you get to the end of the trail?

    where!!!! <2009-05-22 02:30:46>
    spilk <Guest>ok been to the above listed location... nothing did a circular search pattern of the area that was even widening... nothing seriously is the quest bugged?

    3 steps <2009-05-24 01:26:55>
    Pete Frost <Guest>The quest now seems to have three steps, with the first two not mentioned above. Three &quot;Subtle Tracks&quot;, each giving directions to the next. They are - 1) 10.0N, 25.0W 2) 9.2N, 24.5W 3 10.0N, 26.1W&#039;

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