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Lord of the Rings Online Quests: Seriesname - Book 14

NameLevelZoneOccurs in ZoneRewards
Chapter 10: Trailing Angmar50Bree-Land, Bree-Town, Scholar's Stair ArchivesCelondim, Ered Luin
Chapter 11: The Great Bellows of Mirobel50Celondim, Ered LuinForochel, Great Lodge of Suri-kyla, Suri-kyla
Chapter 12: The Skin of Bregmor50Forochel, Great Lodge of Suri-kyla, Suri-kylaBregmor's Den, Lansi-ma
Chapter 13: Frustrated Hopes50Forochel, Great Lodge of Suri-kyla, Suri-kylaCelondim, Ered Luin
Chapter 14: The Heavy Burden50Celondim, Ered LuinElrond's Library, Last Homely House, Rivendell
Chapter 15: The Doom of the North50Elrond's Library, Last Homely House, RivendellMirobel
Chapter 1: Many Provisions50Last Homely House, Hall of Fire, RivendellShire, The Delving Fields
Chapter 1: The Heraldry of Lindon50Angmar, Gath ForthnirImlad Balchorth
Chapter 1: The Long Road South50Last Homely House, Laerdan's Chamber, RivendellAngmar, Evendim, Gath Forthnir, The Hall of Fire, TinnudirLaerdan's Quill, Laerdan's Note
Chapter 1: The Steed Arel50Evendim, TinnudirThorin's Gate, Thorin's Hall
Chapter 2: Laerdan's Trail50Elrond's Library, Elrond's Stables, Last Homely House, Rivendell
Chapter 3: Shedding Light50Elrond's Library, Last Homely House, RivendellLaerdan's Chamber
Chapter 4: The Prisoner of Sammath Baul50Laerdan's Chamber, Last Homely House, Rivendell
Chapter 5: Laerdan's Fall50Laerdan's Chamber, RivendellElrond's Library, Last Homely House
Chapter 6: The Fate of Laerdan's50Elrond's Library, Last Homely House, RivendellInstance: The Fate of Laerdan'sTorechor, Golechor
Chapter 7: The Ravages of Time50Elrond's Library, Last Homely House, Rivendell
Chapter 8: An Elf-Friend of Eregion50Celondim, Ered LuinBree-Land, Bree-Town, Scholar's Stair Archives, The Prancing Pony
Chapter 9: The Barrows of Haudh Iarchith50Bree-Land, Bree-Town, Scholar's Stair ArchivesTomb of MaenadarLeafcuter's Shield, Leafcuter's Buckler
Instance: The Doom of the North50Instance: The Doom of the NorthMirobel, Rivendell
Instance: The Fate of Laerdan's50Instance: The Fate of Laerdan's
Instance: The Heraldry of Lindon50Instance: The Heraldry of Lindon
Instance: The Prisoner of Sammath Baul50Instance: The Prisoner of Sammath Baul
Instance: The Skin of Bregmor50Bregmor's DenForochel