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Lord of the Rings Online Sets

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Accoutrements of the Sluggard
Alley of the Free People
Amarthan and Amarthdram
Amban's Cloth
Amban's Leather
Amban's Steel
Anganskald Armour
Archer's Set
Armor of Fem
Armour of Durin's Guard
Armour of Fror
Armour of Orod-na-Thon
Armour of Remmirath
Armour of the Aurochs
Armour of the Bulwark
Armour of the Chieftain
Armour of the Graven Word
Armour of the Great Bow
Armour of the Hawk-eye
Armour of the Hidden Dagger
Armour of the Iron Arm
Armour of the Javelin
Armour of the Lady's Courage
Armour of the Lady's Defence
Armour of the Lady's Discernment
Armour of the Lady's Favour
Armour of the Lady's Foresight
Armour of the Lady's Grace
Armour of the Lady's Power
Armour of the Lady's Secrecy
Armour of the Lady's Wisdom
Armour of the Last Stand
Armour of the Learned Master
Armour of the Learned Master
Armour of the Mighty Verse
Armour of the North Star
Armour of the North-Drake
Armour of the Seven Fathers
Armour of the Stone-reader's Apprentice
Armour of the Sun-Lands
Armour of the Swift-slayer
Armour of the Wandering Bard (58)
Armour of the West-Lands
Armour of the West-Tower
Armour of the Word-crafter
Arms of the Bulwark
Arms of the Chieftain
Arms of the Hawk-eye
Arms of the Hidden Dagger
Arms of the Last Stand
Arms of the Last Stand
Arms of the Learned Master
Arms of the Swift-slayer
Arms of the Wandering Bard
Arms of the Word-crafter
Arrow-fletcher's Armour
Arthdur Armour
Avorhigil and Avorlang
Bands of Buth Sankhas
Bands of Haste
Bands of Power
Beast-Master's Armour
Blademaster's Armour
Blades of Buth Luikh
Blessing of Laurelindorenan
Blessing of Protection
Blight of Gramsfoot
Blue Mountains Set
Captain of the Free People
Champion of the Free People
Cobalt Rune-stones
Commander's Jewelry
Curunam and Mirur
Daerdur Armour
Deadly Aim
Defender of the Lossoth
Deft-blade's Armour
Doom-Hunter's Armour
Dragon-Scale Armour
Dwarf-Hoard Armour
Elder Days Armour
Feldskyn Armour
Forest-walker's Apparel
Forfend the Elements
Friend of Gabilshathur
Fror's Strength
Garb of the Woods
Hall-Captain's Leggings
Hall-general's Armour
Healer's Armour
Heavy Flame Forfend
Helm of the Silent Knife
Hero of the Lossoth
High-protector's Armour
Hlifheror Armour
Hlifworth Armour
Hunter of the Free People
Jewelry of the Survivalist