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Lord of the Rings Online Archer's Set

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NameArcher's Set
  • (2/5) +15 Agility
  • (4/5) Chance to Block or Evade your ranged attacks are reduced by 2%


archers <2007-12-26 20:52:18>
kc <Guest>where can i find this set?

<2008-01-05 23:02:25>
Nymos <Guest>

<2008-01-17 21:35:32>
<Guest>It is council of the north rep items.

Archer's <2008-02-05 15:56:17>
mylis <Guest>The lance is offered in Imlad Gelair in Rivendell. The reputation is Kindred standing with the Elves of Rivendell. The other pieces do not appear to be offered there, but if the cover really only has an armour value of 61, I doubt I'll even look for it -- that's pretty crummy for lvl47 medium armour.

<2008-03-21 00:33:30>
<Guest>Yes, but by just using Archer's Armlet and Archer's Hoop, you get quite some agility and crit chance. (but if you want other stats too, look for other items)

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