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Lord of the Rings Online Armour of the Aurochs

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NameArmour of the Aurochs
  • (2/6) +15 Agility
  • (4/6) Swift Bow recovery time reduced by 2 seconds
  • (6/6) Penetrating Shot recovery time reduced by 1 second


<2007-06-25 11:34:51>
Garian <Guest>Has anybody seen some other drop of the Aurochs Armor? I think there are only the gloves in game

<2007-07-02 00:54:30>
aramil <Guest>nope

<2007-07-05 17:00:29>
Garian <Guest>Has anybody seen some other drop of the Aurochs Armor till now?

<2007-07-20 01:11:28>
Llew <Guest>Yes, spotted shoulder guards a few days a go.

auroch armourset <2007-07-20 16:32:26>
Ukinal <Guest> so far i have seen the shoulders, boots and gloves. not in-game but from websites and such.

<2007-07-20 16:32:26>
max <Guest>a friend of mine has the gloves

<2007-07-24 07:53:23>
Pulse <Guest>Have got the Gloves and Boots, the other set peices will drop when book 10 is released. Just gloves and boots of every set drop at the moment.

<2007-07-25 01:09:45>
Tada <Guest>Have Gloves and Schoulders want to rest, its a kick-ass armour set

<2007-07-25 01:09:45>
Eli <Guest>Is it a random drop or are there specific Elites that drop them?

<2007-07-28 01:11:04>
Garian <Guest>hmm, if you have the shoulder or boots it would be very nice if you explain how and where you get them. And update the stats at the setpieces here in the database.

<2007-07-28 01:11:04>
teolord <Guest>where does this armour drops from?and when will the book10 be released?

<2007-08-13 01:10:38>
yarharhar <Guest>drops from carn dum i believe. The part its in starts with a d. I dont remember the name cause im just level 40, but my friend showed me.

Leggings of the Aurochs Drop <2007-08-22 02:17:09>
Granmet <Guest>I got the leggings for this set from a normal mob near Barad Gulran on the Evernight server. As I am a Guardian the only use I have for them is to sell them.

Breastplate of the Aurochs <2007-08-26 00:02:35>
Jagger <Guest>Chest piece dropped in Nan Gurth from a non-elite dourhand dwarf on Snowbourn server.

armour of the aurochs <2007-08-26 19:39:07>
teolord <Guest>Just heard ,not remember from where, that from now on(with the book 10 update) the armour pieces will drop at a VERY LOW rate in every high leveled mob...not just bosses(like zaudru) and...where is nan gurth??? dont remember atm :P

drop?where? <2007-08-31 18:25:36>
teolord <Guest>im trying to find em....for about 1 month...not the leggings but something from the armour set...any1 can give me an idea where to find it...???(except barad gularan :P)one day i saw at the ooc channel of north downs a player asking who wants to come with me to kill aurochs for the armour set! is it possible to drop from aurochs????!i dont think so...especially those at north downs plz tell me what u think

<2007-09-08 20:19:17>
LENDODZ <Guest>I currently have only the Boots,gloves, and leggings so im half way done

<2007-09-23 08:43:19>
Lothlanriel <Guest>I've seen the class set pieces drop most often in Helegrod

<2007-10-01 00:32:27>
Gili <Guest>Nan Gurth-dourhands; uruks....

<2007-10-01 22:51:01>
Virdun <Guest>Leggings dropped for me last night off of a Dourhand on my way to do Book 9 chapter 1... (Sara Oakheart)... Barad Gulran. This was on the Landroval server.

Drop <2007-11-16 23:38:49>
Terrondir <Guest>I am a lucky hunter that got the drop of the boots in game yesterday. Droped from undead in Angmar.

Aurochs Armor Chest <2007-11-19 22:05:40>
Xrandir <Guest>The chest dropped for me in Gob Town in Misty Mountains.

aurochs armor <2007-12-31 22:22:22>
Gandol <Guest>how long u need to farm to get a gear form the set?

Boots of The Aurochs <2008-01-15 22:17:46>
Malindruil <Guest>I landed the boots off a Summoner in the Rift, by the World-eater room, just before the Thrang fight A friend dropped the Gloves from same mob the week before, nothing seen since

Aurochs set <2008-01-19 22:23:39>
keylax <Guest>someone in my guild have the gloves, leggins, plate and shoulders

Aurochs <2008-02-20 21:15:23>
Fugone <Guest>Just had the shoulders drop off of a Signature Ironbound Wight in Angmar

<2008-04-14 17:12:05>
<Guest>a couple of my hnt friends have the full set 1 bought it from the Ah for like 200g all together kinda high but i know they drop i helegrod and moors. moors its just random ive seen captain hnt gaurd and burg stuff drop nothing mroe in moors. seen 1 piece of everything in helegrod i would go to helegrod if i was u thats where ima farm my hnts armour so idk i would say helegrod and moors r best 2 places

<2008-04-22 21:55:22>
agalad <Guest>Stelltois has the full rift, his in my kin: lorebreakers. you can see him on ettenmoors [en]eldar.

<2008-05-02 00:26:31>
stephen <Guest>my m8 has helmet

Aurochs armour.. <2008-06-14 19:52:47>
Fereth <Guest>I've seen full aurochs, some of the parts drop in CD.

Aurochs Armour <2008-08-15 22:22:20>
Dealaibe <Guest>There is a hunter trader in rivendale who trades pieces of the full set for items dropped from different monsters....he is on the second floor in the back of the Last homely house

of the auroch <2008-10-06 03:09:16>
Gregoire <Guest>I got the leggings to drop off of a Morrovail near CD

armour <2009-07-20 03:07:16>
naer <Guest>Umm dont you get this armour from the helegrod raid? i saw the set available for barter on my lvl 50 hunter

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