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Lord of the Rings Online Armour of the Seven Fathers

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where? <2007-08-06 14:56:08>
miles <Guest>Anyone know where this drops?

Gauntlets of the Seven Fathers <2007-08-21 03:01:22>
Badash <Guest>These dropped from an Ancient Blog-Warden.

<2007-09-16 20:22:38>
Robin <Guest>lol, I got this from an orc in Dol Dinen

Shoulders of the seven Fathers <2007-10-02 18:26:25>
Galmir <Guest>I found the shoulders yesterday. They dropped my a Human in Garth Agarwen. Details: 63 Armour +9 Vitality Durability 80 Min lvl 30 Worth: 6s 41c

<2007-11-14 20:17:41>
Ragoc <Guest>Set(4): +9 Might Set(6): +18 Might So this means it's 27 Might in total?

drop <2008-01-14 21:34:00>
elene <Guest>Dropped in Dol Dinen for me, Shoulders.

<2008-05-10 23:20:09>
Breeolas <Guest>Ive got the Breast plate, but i dont remember where i got it some where in Trollshaws i think

Gauntlets <2008-07-05 11:32:18>
Ismo[EN]Evernight <Guest>I found the gauntlets. They drop from troll called bartas. -Ismo ;)

Boots <2009-02-01 22:48:24>
Raginglion <Guest>Does anyone know where the boots drop? I have the set minus boots. I cant find any info on these anywhere aside from stats.

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