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Lord of the Rings Online Armour of the Sun-Lands

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Wrong morale on 6/6 <2007-07-16 00:46:58>
<Guest>When you get all six pieces it's actually +90 morale.

Where does it drop? <2007-08-03 02:50:24>
Rah <Guest>Any hints of where to look hunt for the armor? Location, mob, instance? Any hint will do.

<2007-09-11 21:07:03>
Vadimer <Guest>dunno

Corrections and add <2007-10-30 22:03:28>
Mithrildin <Guest>Armor value of gauntlets is actually 128 instead of 218. Stats of Soulders are: 77 Armour value 29 Might min lvl 49 Sturdiness Normal Durability 50/50

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