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Lord of the Rings Online Doom-Hunter's Armour

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NameDoom-Hunter's Armour
  • (2/6) +15 Agility
  • (2/6) +3.0% Disperse Shadow Chance
  • (4/6) +10.0% Disperse Shadow Chance
  • (4/6) -50.0% Heart Seeker Power Cost
  • (6/6) +25.0% Disperse Shadow Chance
  • (6/6) -50.0% Heart Seeker Power Cost


<2008-01-29 22:37:34>
anony <Guest>where is this set acquired

<2008-02-05 23:45:03>
<Guest>It is gained by trading Gems dropped of Rift bosses and trading them for the appropriate armour pieces. Each boss drops a different gem which gets you a different piece

<2008-04-14 17:12:05>
piz <Guest>im on firefoot u c peple with this armour everywhere i would say get the epic or moors its still good might not be the best simi ezer to get and alot less liked so most people dotn use them my mains i gaurd whos 50 most of the hnts i raid with dont have any rift stuf they have like 2 epic and 2 moors then quest or lvl 47 armour rift idk if its the best for guards it is idk about hnts armour i like the set bonuses from the epic..... if u think the epic is moors or rift im talking about the arcouhs armour or whatever its down to 18g a piece in firefoot i think its also alot ezer to get

<2008-05-04 13:05:04>
<Guest>where is the place where you turn it in?

<2008-08-31 22:18:56>
<Guest>also it is not -18% penetrating shot cost it is -50% hearth seeker shot for comlete set

<2008-10-28 01:08:50>
guest <Guest>rift is pretty much best in game. some dont use it cuz you are rolling against 11 other people for each piece

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