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Lord of the Rings Online Dragon-Scale Armour

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NameDragon-Scale Armour
  • (2/6) +15 Might
  • (4/6) Reduces the Power cost of all AOE skills by 5%
  • (6/6) Chance to Block of Parry your Bracing Attack reduced


Dragon-Scale Gloves <2007-07-06 00:48:03>
Atreidi <Guest>Are this the same as the Northern-Drake Collectible Set?

<2007-07-09 01:02:27>
<Guest>No it is not, this is part of the Helegrod Uncomparable armor set for Champions only

+5%? <2007-07-29 13:20:30>
nobody <Guest>it increases the cost of aoe attacks? so.. that's a good thing? I burn power prity good as it is with aoe's X_o

:/ <2007-08-09 00:53:17>
veggy <Guest>This is a real bummer for me, i dont use aoe but this is a champ only... well i guess i could use it non the less :/

+5% <2007-08-11 01:16:26>
<Guest>I think it's -5%, because why would you wear all 6 of them then?

<2007-08-13 00:36:45>
<Guest>What's the armour value of all the items?

<2007-08-26 19:39:07>
Arez <Guest>Seem pretty sucky tbh, the boots are the only good thing :/

<2007-08-27 23:35:19>
<Guest>Yup, sucky set, mirrored armor is usually better or possibly quest items

<2007-09-01 21:11:26>
halborn <Guest>btw all these items are not bind on aquire anymore but bind on equip

<2007-09-07 20:23:50>
elisane <Guest>Can confirm i have seen the leggings drop of elite trolls in Sarnur

Drop <2007-09-08 20:32:49>
Randalthoor <Guest>The Leggings dropped for me while farming rep Bone Amulets off of Dread-Mists in Imlad Balchorth, off a non-elite, non-quest mob!

Dragon-scale armour set <2007-09-11 21:05:03>
Addredoc <Guest>Here is a Picture on me in full Dragon-scale armour

<2007-09-13 19:46:45>
johnny <Guest>can u post a pic of ur stats wearing that set, aswell pls:)

<2007-09-15 20:36:06>
Addredoc <Guest>you meen the stats of the items or my stats in general?

<2007-10-02 10:12:08>
The Dragon-scale Breastplate drop mob is missing. Does anybody know who in Helegrod drop it?

<2007-11-25 22:00:06>
<Guest>hi anyone got any spare dragon scale armour fellin nice and would like to give it to me my server is snowbourn and my character name is doyle.

<2007-11-30 23:13:08>
Gondolyn <Guest>My leggins dropped in Urugarth!

<2008-04-28 22:18:01>
Aedan Darksky <Guest>This set is very good and really only pales in comparisin to the Rift armor set. Although the armor you choose really is just dependent on play style. While the rift armor enhances glory and helps with shadow mitigation, This armor set helps with morale and decreases the power cost of AoE attacks by 5% (i saw someone say that the armor INCREASES the power cost which is not true). I personally use the rift armor set but i have heard of incredibly effective 'hybrid' armor combinations inwhich both of these sets are incorporated to create something truely powerful. As for where these armors drop i have heard that they drop off of random 45-50 leveled mobs. If there are any more questions about this armor be sure to check the internet and other forums or contact me, Aedan Darksky on the landroval server.

<2008-06-02 08:52:54>
Eldgar <Guest>Anyone else notice the stats on this are identical to the Moors Threkkapi set?

moors threkkapi set <2008-07-24 21:43:08>
bombdog <Guest>i also noticed that that moors set is pratacly identical in everyway from looks to stats, i donk know why but it is it seems pretty silly to have 2 sets that are identical

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