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Lord of the Rings Online Forest-walker\'s Apparel

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NameForest-walker\'s Apparel
  • (2/3) +7 Agility
  • (3/3) +27 Might


<2007-11-09 22:08:10>
aethelhelm <Guest>anyone found out what the forest-walker is yet or which quest you get it from?

<2007-11-14 20:24:25>
<Guest>forest-walker comes from the quest "cause for joy"

<2007-11-23 08:28:13>
<Guest>"cause for joy" Well any info on that quest? :)

<2007-11-23 19:46:17>
Pablimli <Guest>Where can you get the quest Cause for joy?

<2007-11-28 23:53:47>
<Guest>Cause for Joy is, I believe, the end of the End to an Enterprise quest line.

<2007-12-10 23:23:28>
John <Guest>Echad CAndelleth in new Tal Bruienin area of south Trollshaws.

Armour of the Forest <2007-12-30 21:17:11>
Halwindborn <Guest>Chest piece is part of the Giant Footprints quest

<2008-04-20 12:51:37>
aeglingborn <Guest>Cause for joy is the end of dangerous enterprise chain... i took a lvl 48 from my kinship at lvl 42-43 and i was able to do all of them

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