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Lord of the Rings Online White Flame Armour

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how do you get armor sets? <2007-07-18 23:14:45>
Josh <Guest>do you get from drops quests or what

Where <2007-08-06 14:56:08>
miles <Guest>Anyone know where this drops?

<2007-10-02 08:51:32>
wiltoms <Guest>i have shoolders and armor where is another item?

Helm of the White Flame <2007-11-03 13:48:22>
Corey Cagle <Guest>I just got the helm off an Earth-kin in Nan-Amlug, near where the Great Auroch's Skull spawns. If you have any of these items, could you post where you got them?

Shoes of White Flame <2007-11-25 02:37:57>
Noodles <Guest>Earth-Kin in Nan-Amlug dropped the shoes for us. We took down dozens upon dozens of these guys and only got one drop of this set armor.

<2007-12-08 21:42:15>
Thorgil <Guest>I just got the leggings from a lvl 29 orc bowman outside the gates of Fornost

<2008-01-10 23:52:12>
Arriele <Guest>I got the gloves from an Orc Shooter in Dol Dinen.

<2008-02-22 21:21:35>
Phagan <Guest>I got the shoes from a Chief's Hunter in Dwalling.

White Flame <2008-03-01 02:58:23>
Moeny <Guest>I got the jacket off the Dol Dinen camps on the outskirts.

<2008-03-21 00:45:17>
<Guest>earth kin in nan amlung dropped the gloves for me.

gloves/chest/helm <2009-04-14 02:33:19>
mathedras <Guest>I got all these in 4 hours of farming earth kins/hillmens and orcs in nan amlug and don dinen, farming in order to get some extra silvers for my horse. The bonuses for items in the set equiped have been changed though. You get 58.2 in combat morale regen for 2 items equipped (I only keep gloves and helm because I got a better chest armor. I believe this is the best light armor for this level, with the whole set equipped you get some nice extra stats... The best to be used by minis or LM.

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