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Lord of the Rings Online Burgle

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While sneaking about, you can attempt to lighten the pockets of unsuspecting targets.
Power Cost: 4
Recovery Time: 20 s
Max Range: 4

ClassBurglar (14)


<2009-08-10 16:29:04>
Pickpocketing Pauly <Guest>I&#039;ve got a question about this skill... If I would, say, pickpocket 15 copper from a bandit, would I also have gotten the money if I killed the fellow? In that case it wouldn&#039;t make sense to pickpocket anyone who your about to kill. It still would be a great skill of course ^^.

<2010-01-09 21:53:37>
radamvice <Guest>back in early everquest days they had one loot table for the monsters and if someone stole from it, they would take from that loot that would be found on its corpse. In group situations it became very negative, no other mmo has done this since. In answer, burgle all you can, its bonus loot!

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