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Lord of the Rings Online Cry of the Valar

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Cry of the Valar
Calling upon the Valar can send certain evil foes fleeing in terror for a short time.
Power Cost: 5
Recovery Time: 30 s
Max Range: 5

ClassMinstrel (12)


Running Forever <2007-05-02 11:30:54>
<Guest>Anyone else notices that some times when you tag a mob with this he will run off indefinitely? When we were fighting the Bone-Man in the barrow downs I feared him while we killed his adds. He was then nowhere to be seen, we discovered him sometime later running in place in front of a wall a few hundred meters away-- obviously terrified! Not sure why sometimes the fear doesn't seem to wear off, but I have seen that happen on occasion

<2007-05-07 12:03:46>
Brigard of Vilya <Guest>Great Spell! I didn't actually realize how powerful it was until I was around level 18.. (big mistake on my part) A Must Have

<2009-05-29 21:22:51>
Peder <Guest>I can&#039;t seem to get this to work. It always says &quot;Invalid target&quot;. Does the target have to be sentient or something?

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