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Lord of the Rings Online Cry of Vengeance

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Cry of Vengeance
Upon a fellowship member's death, you wil resurrect a nearby member with 20% morale and 15% power.
Adds 2 to Might
Adds 2 to Agility
Adds 2 to Viality
Adds 2 to Will
Adds 2 to Fate
Subtracts 2% from Attack Duration
Adds 113 to Armor Value
Power Cost: 6
Recovery Time: 45 s
Radius: 6

ClassCaptain (32)


Wrong? <2008-08-11 22:03:51>
Bill <Guest>Obviously I have a different Cry of Vengeance... upon a fellowship member's "death" the skill will rez a nearby member with like 20% morale and 15% power.

<2008-11-22 23:28:49>
<Guest>at 50 lvl it gives about 72 to all stats..and about 800 rockS...;)

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