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Lord of the Rings Online Skills - T

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Tainted BiteWeaver(50)
Take to HeartGuardian(58)
Tale of Frost and FlameMinstrel(58)
Tale of HeroismMinstrel(22)
Tale of WardingMinstrel(44)
Telling MarkCaptain(6)
Tend The SickLore-master(16)
Test of WillLore-master(26)
The Blade Will Not WoundRune-keeper(40)
The BootWarden(3)
The Dark Before DawnWarden(50)
The Fang Will Not PoisonRune-keeper(44)
Threatening ShoutCaptain(26)
Thrill of DangerGuardian(28)
Throat RipStalker(50)
ThudTroll Crusher(50)
Time of NeedCaptain(50)
To ArmsCaptain(40)
Tools of the TradeBurglar(20)
Touch And GoBurglar(6)
Track TreasureBurglar(20)
Tracking GuideHunter(35)
Travel to Personal House()
Trick: Counter DefenceBurglar(26)
Trick: DisableBurglar(2)
Trick: Dust in the EyesBurglar(16)
Trick: EnrageBurglar(38)
Triumphant SpiritMinstrel(30)
Turn the TablesGuardian(36)
Two-Handed AxesChampion(10), Guardian(10)
Two-Handed ClubsGuardian(10)
Two-Handed HammersChampion(10), Guardian(10)
Two-Handed SwordsChampion(10), Guardian(10)